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The de Ferrers Academy
St Mary's Drive

, ,
DE13 0LL

Coordinates52°51′N 1°38′W / 52.85°N 1.64°W / 52.85; -1.64Coordinates: 52°51′N 1°38′W / 52.85°N 1.64°W / 52.85; -1.64
MottoPartnership, Respect, Integrity, Determination, Excellence
Established1965 (1985 as de Ferrers)
Local authorityStaffordshire
SpecialistTechnology College
Department for Education URN136414 Tables
PrincipalNick Holmes
Age11 to 18
Houses(y8-y13) Branston, Uxbridge, Rolleston, Tutbury, Outwoods, Needwood (y7) Attenborough Curie Hawking Irwin Earhart Van Gogh and Ennis Hill
Colour(s)Bottle Green for Years 7-11, Silver and Black for Sixth Form
Former nameWulfric Comprehensive School

The de Ferrers Academy (formerly De Ferrers Specialist Technology College) is a secondary school with academy status located in Burton upon Trent, Staffordshire, England.


The school is split into two sites. Dove campus for years 7-8 on Harehedge Lane, and Trent campus, for years 9,10,11 and the sixth form students, on St Mary's Drive. The school offered the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme from 2008 until 2010 and replaced it with the AQA Baccalaureate.[1]

The main campus, Trent, is in the west of Burton on Trent, north of Horninglow and west of the A38 in the parish of Horninglow and Eton. Dove, the other campus, is located less than a kilometer away in Outwoods, directly to the west.


Former schools[edit]

It opened in 1965 as Dovecliff Grammar School on St Mary's Drive. Nearby was Horninglow Secondary Modern School on Harehedge Lane which opened in 1958.[2] In 2012 it started its one to one learning experience, where it offered iPads to every sixth form student for a small deposit, and after completing they could then keep the iPad.


In 1975 it became the Wulfric Comprehensive School when the grammar and secondary modern schools merged under the headship of John "Jack" Atherton, with two separate sites.

It became known as the De Ferrers High School in 1985 when it merged with the Forest of Needwood High School in Rolleston on Dove. Forest of Needwood Secondary School had opened in 1963 as a secondary modern school and was named after Needwood Forest.


Like many schools, De Ferrers is in close partnership with its feeder primary schools. Other schools partnered include the Catholic Collège Sacré Coeur, Ploermel.[3]

Academic performance[edit]

It gets above average results at GCSE, and at A-level,

The school has been awarded various awards for ICT, and won numerous sports competitions.

Academy Status[edit]

In late 2010 de Ferrers was offered the chance to fast-track into becoming an academy, due to its outstanding report from Ofsted. Although in short term this will have little effect, it will be an important development in the college's future. As well as de Ferrers, John Taylor High School were also offered the chance to become an academy and have accepted.


Dovecliff Grammar School[edit]

Wulfric School[edit]

  • David Hawthorn, Businessman and author of 'Dancing with Dragons, Swimming with Sharks'

de Ferrers Specialist Technology College[edit]


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