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Type of site
Internet forum, a former Database
Available in English
Created by orm[1]
Slogan(s) "Welcome to the scenes first and only ISO news page." (2000)
Commercial No
Registration Required for posting
Launched December 7, 1998; 18 years ago (1998-12-07)[1]

The iSONEWS was a warez news website. It was originally created by orm who later deferred management of the website to krazy8 and mandarin.[2] TheiSONews supplied release details and NFOs of warez games and programs, without actually supplying them, or supplying any information on where to find them.[3][4][5] Later it was also called a fan site that has become an unofficial hub of DivX news.[6]

Domain seizure[edit]

On February 28, 2003 the United States Department of Justice seized the isonews domain name,[7] however its servers remained intact. A number of iSONEWS mirrors sprung up as a result, including,, and, an expression of retaliation from the iSONEWS community caused by the Department of Justice's actions. The closure of the domain brought more attention to the site, and after the site was back up on mirror sites, the membership and the user activity on the forums increased.

Approximately one year following the seizure, visitors to were redirected to the United States Department of Justice[8] website. As of November 16, 2004, the original domain,, is owned by DomainSpa LLC and used to advertise video game sales and rentals.

David "krazy8" Rocci got a sentence of 5 months in federal prison and a $28,500 fine for selling modchips on[9] Krazy8 later indicated that modchips was the 'official' modus operandi, but every question I was ever asked related to ISONews and had nothing to do with modchips.[10]

Current status[edit]

From being a release site for the warez community, the site has evolved into a broader message board, concentrating mostly on PC gaming. The PC games forum on the site contains everything from rumors, latest news, hints, tips and tweaks to various games.

After a considerable amount of downtime from February through early March 2009, Isonews went back online. Many of the moderators have created a competing version of the website named due to many former member's dissatisfaction with Isonews' current operations.

On August 14, 2009 the domain was sold via auction for $500 (originally priced at $5,000). The new owner fixed the forum registration and it is continuing to provide updates and support for the website and community.

In 2013, an interactive chat box was added to the site. This has succeeded in keeping iSONEWS on life support with members chatting more frequently than they otherwise would within the forums.

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