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The Infernal Names is a compiled list of adversarial or antihero figures from mythology, for intended use in Satanic ritual. The following names and descriptions are as listed in The Satanic Bible, written by Church of Satan founder Anton Szandor LaVey. When calling the names, all of them may be recited, or a given number of those most significant to the respective working may be chosen.[1]

The Infernal Names[edit]

  • Abaddon - (Hebrew) The Destroyer
  • Adramalech - Samarian devil
  • Ahpuch - Mayan devil
  • Ahriman - Mazdean devil
  • Angra Mainyu - Zoroasterism synonym for devil
  • Apollyon - Greek synonym for Abaddon.
  • Asmodeus - Hebrew devil of sensuality and luxury, originally "creature of judgment"
  • Azazel - Taught man to make weapons of war (Hebrew)
  • Baalberith - Canaanite Lord of the covenant who was later made a devil
  • Balaam - Hebrew devil of avarice and greed
  • Baphomet - symbolic of Satan
  • Beelzebub - Lord of the Flies, taken from the symbolism of the scarab (Hebrew)
  • Behemoth - Hebrew personification of Lucifer in the form of an elephant or hippopotamus
  • Beherit - Syriac name for Satan
  • Chemosh - National god of Moabites, later a devil
  • Cimeries - Rides a black horse and rules Africa
  • Dagon - Philistine avenging devil of the sea
  • Demogorgon - a name so terrible as to not be known to mortals
  • Diabolous - "Flowing downwards" (Greek)
  • Dracula - Romanian name for son of the devil or dragon, which would also denote a "devilish" name—Romanian isn't too clear on which meaning, if not both, is correct.
  • Euronymous - Greek Prince of Death (a misspelling, correct spelling Eurynomos)
  • Gorgo - dim. of Demogorgon, see above
  • Guayota - guanche devil
  • Haborym - Hebrew synonym for Satan
  • Iblis - Synonym for Shaitan
  • Leviathan - Hebrew personification of Lucifer in the form of a great sea reptile (usually it represents the Antichrist; the beast of the sea)
  • Lilith - Hebrew female devil, Adam's first wife who taught him lust
  • Loki - Teutonic devil
  • Mammon - Aramaic god of wealth and profit
  • Marduk - god of the city of Babylon
  • Maria - Satanic Name of a female
  • Mastema - Hebrew synonym for Satan
  • Melek Taus - Yezidi devil
  • Mephistopheles - he who shuns the light, q.v. Faust (Greek)
  • Milcom - Ammonite devil
  • Moloch - Phoenician and Canaanite devil
  • Mormo - King of the Ghouls, consort of Hecate (Greek)
  • Naamah - Hebrew female devil of seduction
  • Nihasa - Native American devil
  • O-Yama - Japanese name for lord of death
  • Pwcca - one of the myriad of fairy (faerie) folk
  • Saitan - Enochian equivalent of Satan
  • Samael - "Venom of God" (Hebrew)
  • Samnu - Central Asian devil
  • Sedit - American Nepali devil
  • Shaitan - Arabic name for Satan
  • T'an-mo - Chinese counterpart to the devil, covetousness, desire
  • Tchort - Russian name for Satan, "black god"
  • Typhon - Greek personification of devil
  • Yama - The lord of death in Hinduism
  • Yen-lo-Wang - Chinese ruler of Hell

Known Inaccuracies[edit]

Eurynomos is misspelled as "Euronymous".



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