Middle School Attached to Northwestern Polytechnical University

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Middle School Attached to Northwestern Polytechnical University
NPUMS new school building
127 Youyixilu Beilin Xi'an Shaanxi China
Type High school
Motto 重德 博学 崇实 创新
Established 1971
Principal Li Ye
Number of students >6000
Campus size ~50000 sq.meters
Slogan Xiongda Baqi!胸大霸气! (Xiongda is the nickname of Xigongda)
Other name NPUMS

Middle School Attached to Northwestern Polytechnical University (NPUMS; Chinese: 西北工业大学附属中学; pinyin: Xīběi Gōngyè Dàxué Fùshǔ Zhōngxué) or Xigongda High School is a secondary school (including upper secondary/senior high school) in Xi'an, Shaanxi Province, China.

It is located in the southern suburbs of Xi'an, and covers an area of over 34,000 square meters. The school's staff consists of 235 people, and hosts more than 4,000 students. Since 1995, Xigongda High School has rapidly developed. From 2000 to the present, 96% of its students have scored at or above the required score on their college entrance examination boards to get into leading universities.

Xigongda High School has trained four of the top students in Shaanxi Province. Through 2008, 351 students had been admitted to Peking University and Tsinghua University.


Founded in 1971, the school became one of the key schools in Shaanxi by 1985,[1] and eventually "the demonstrate school in Shaanxi" on 14 April 2009.[2]

Academic performance[edit]

Students of NPUMS tend to get a very high score in the Zhongkao of the Chinese mainland.[3]

According to the results of the Gaokao (the entrance examination of the colleges in Chinese mainland), 104 students in the NPUMS got an offer for Tsinghua University (TSU) and Peking University (PKU) in 2013. NPUMS is the only school outside of Beijing that has received over 100 offers from TSU and PKU.[4]

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