Saga of Hávarður of Ísafjörður

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The saga of Hávarður of Ísafjörður[1] (Icelandic: Hávarðar saga Ísfirðings) (About this sound listen ) is one of the sagas of Icelanders.

It tells of 'Howard' who had been a great Viking in his youth and was wounded in Scotland and has walked with a limp ever since. Howard has a disagreement with his neighbor Thorbjørn and in the altercation, Howard's son is killed.

Howard seeks revenge and with a group of men attempts to confront Thorbjørn. Instead of facing Howard, Thorbjørn flees into the sea and swims away, but Howard gives chase. Thorbjørn climbs up on a small island or rock formation and picks up a large rock to hurl at Howard who is climbing up after him. Then Howard is said to have thought of a different faith he had heard of when he was young abroad and swears that he will take this faith if he manages to survive. Thorbjørn then drops the slippery rock on himself and Howard easily slays him.

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