2150 AD

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2150 AD
TheaAlexander 2150AD.jpg
First edition cover
Author Thea Alexander
Country United States
Language English
Genre Philosophical, Speculative fiction
Publisher Warner Books
Publication date
June 1976
Media type Print (Paperback)
ISBN 0-446-89124-X (first edition, paperback)
OCLC 2900977

2150 AD is a novel copyrighted by Don Plym and Thea (Alexander) Plym and originally published in 1971. In 1976 it was modified and re-published by Thea Alexander. The story concerns the character of Jon, who travels between his world of 1976 and the future world of 2150, where the Macro Society dominates the Earth. The world of 1976 is referred to by the inhabitants of 2150 as the pinnacle of micro society.

This book is based on the journal of Jon Lake, who lived in the 1960s and 1970s as a psychiatrist. Because of his life experiences and accepting world view, his soul was considered evolved, or Macro, enough to travel to 2150 where his twin soul, Lea Nine, and soul mate, Carol Three lived. His astral form traveled to 2150 and he lived there while his 1970s body slept, and returned to the 1970s during his waking hours.

The book is centered on Macro Philosophy and concepts such as reincarnation, karma, twin souls and soul mates, as well as macro and micro limitations. Thea Alexander started a workshop for studying Macro Philosophy shortly before the book was published; this information is on the back cover of the book.


The story starts with Jon having an astral dream. He is transported through time with the help of one of his soul mates, Lea and other level nines, into the Macro perspective life. He first finds himself in a field naked—and with both legs. He had lost one leg in the Vietnam War, and used a prosthesis ever since. He runs, and eventually encounters a beautiful woman, Lea.

Lea explains that she is Jon's soul twin (his mate will be a beautiful brunette called Carol) and that he has been brought forward to the year 2150 where life is easy, sunny and enriching. He later learns he has to attain a level 3 of Macro perspective for him to be able to stay in 2150. She takes him to a group of buildings around a lake, and connects his soul to a new, whole, adult body based on his body in 1976 that the members of the Macro Society had produced for him to inhabit while his soul was in 2150. He is given a chance to meet a group of people who will act as his family in 2150. He is also introduced to a computer system that exists to help people increase their awareness by answering questions and showing personal information, such as their past lives and the macro philosophy. Any question he has is answered by the computer while he sits in a chair - as everything anyone may need is freely granted to the macro-men and macro-women, who don magnificent untiring bodies, superhuman intelligence and unfailing love and tolerance.

His best friend and room mate, Karl, thinks Jon is having an escapist fantasy during REM sleep. He worries about Jon, but they arrange a bet: if possible, Jon will attempt to learn some of the Macro Powers practiced by the people in 2150, and demonstrate them in 1976.

Over the next days, Jon is able to attain Macro Contact with a partner in his group; this has unlocked some of his Macro powers. He convinces Karl of their reality when he levitates his dream journal around their apartment. Jon discovers that he can see auras as well.

Jon decides to use the powers he learns in 2150 to improve the world in 1976. He selects a woman he finds in the student union, Neda. He uses his powers to persuade her mother to let her move into an apartment in his building, and then he uses his ability to see auras (as well as the pressure points to stimulate change in the phenotype as well as regeneration) to change her appearance to match the personality he sees within her. Karl and Neda eventually fall in love and get married.

Later, in 1976, Jon interrupts a couple of motorcycle thugs (who had previously raped and killed 2 female students on the campus) while they intend to rape a teenage girl. Using his powers, Jon attacks them, knocks them down, and helps the girl to leave. Then Jon heals the thugs and takes them back to his apartment building, where he places them in an empty apartment. He uses a post-hypnotic suggestion to prevent them from leaving. The result of all this is that he is unable to make it to 2150 that night, because he was selfish in the use of his powers. He must resolve this problem before he can return to 2150.

Working with Neda, Jon instructs the motorcycle thugs in Macro philosophy, and eventually releases them when they have changed. This results in Jon returning to 2150, awakening with a level 2 awareness level.

Jon and his partner-mate Carol (in 2150) decide to go to Micro Island, a location where micro-men go on living their wild and hopeless lives under two dictators and where souls desiring a micro life in 2150 can be born to experience and study it. People from the Macro society often go to Micro Island as benevolent missionaries and tutors of Macro philosophy, though they know that micro-men are aggressive and may kill them.

Jon and his mate Carol are welcomed by the leaders of Micro Island, two former Macro society members who regressed from their awareness levels and decided to use their powers for control and their own self-interest. They take Carol as a hostage to compel Jon to give them the secrets of Macro knowledge. During this time of mental torture, Jon learns that in a past life he helped stone someone to death and he must face his Karmic debt, allowing the Micro-islanders to stone him just as they did to Carol so everything will be settled, and they will find peace in "loving acceptance".

Back in 1976, Jon realizes that he has learned all he can in this lifetime, so he chooses to evolate and dies by leaving his body in his sleep.