Thea Harrison

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Thea Harrison
BornTeddy Harrison
Pen nameThea Harrison / Amanda Carpenter
GenreParanormal Romance
Science Fiction
Notable awardsRITA for Best Paranormal Romance, RT Book Reviews Editor's Pick for Best Book of 2011, RT Book Reviews Reviewer's Best Shapeshifter Romance 2013, RT Book Reviews Paranormal Worldbuilding 2015

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Thea Harrison is the pen name of American author Teddy Harrison, who writes paranormal romance novels, including the best selling Elder Series. Teddy has also written romance novels under the name of Amanda Carpenter.

Early writing[edit]

In the 1980s and 1990s, Teddy wrote for Harlequin Mills & Boon under the name Amanda Carpenter, and the 16 Amanda Carpenter romances have been published in over ten languages, and sold over a million and a half copies worldwide.[1]


Writing as Thea Harrison, her books have appeared on the New York Times best-sellers list[2] and the USA Today best-sellers list.[3]

Thea has received a number of positive reviews for her character and world building. For example USA Today's HEA Blog "Thea Harrison is always on my must-read list. Her heroes and heroines are complicated, hot and just plain fun!"[4] and from "Harrison’s world-building is top notch".[5]

The Washington Post has called her Elder Races series, "fantastic."[6] Publisher's Weekly wrote that in Dragon Bound (2011), "Harrison goes beyond the usual vampires and werewolves to create an entertaining cast of supernatural characters," however, the action slowed down too much in the book.[7] However, Booklist wrote that it "was an outstanding blend of romantic suspense and urban fantasy with great storytelling and world building."[8] Publisher's Weekly felt that new readers and old readers alike would "cheer" the protagonist of Oracle's Moon (2012).[9]

Kirkus Reviews wrote that Falling Light (2014) was "beautifully written, boldly imaginative, action-packed and captivating."[10] However, Publishers Weekly felt that the character of Lucifer in Falling Light was "a cardboard caricature of evil."[11]


Elder Races Series Books[edit]

  1. Dragon Bound (May-11)[12]
  2. Storm's Heart (Aug-11)[13]
  3. Serpent's Kiss (Oct-11)[14]
  4. Oracle's Moon (Mar-12)[15]
  5. Lord's Fall (Nov-12)[16]
  6. Kinked (Nov-13)[17]
  7. Night's Honor (Sep-14)[18]
  8. Midnight's Kiss (May-15)[19]
  9. Shadow's End (Dec-15)[20]

Elder Races Series Novellas[edit]

  1. True Colors (Dec-11)
  2. Natural Evil (Jun-12)
  3. Devil's Gate (Jun-12)
  4. Hunter's Season (Sep-12)
  5. The Wicked (Jul-13)
  6. Dragos Takes a Holiday (Dec-13)
  7. Peanut Goes to School (Jul-14)
  8. Pia Saves the Day (Aug-14)
  9. Dragos Goes to Washington (Oct-15)
  10. Pia Does Hollywood (Nov-15)
  11. Liam Takes Manhattan (Dec-15)

Elder Races Series Collections[edit]

  1. Divine Tarot
  2. Destiny’s Tarot
  3. A Dragon’s Family Album

Game of Shadows Series[edit]

  1. Rising Darkness (Apr-13)
  2. Falling Light (Feb-14)

Moonshadow Series[edit]

  1. Moonshadow (Dec-16)
  2. Spellbinder (Jul-17)
  3. Lionheart (Sep-18)


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