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Theater heute
Theaterheute logo.gif
CategoriesTheatre magazine
PublisherFriedrich Berlin Verlag GmbH
  • Erhard Friedrich
  • Henning Rischbieter
Founded1960; 62 years ago (1960)
First issueSummer 1960
Based inBerlin
WebsiteTheater heute

Theater heute (German: Theatre Today) is a German language monthly magazine with a special focus on theatre. The magazine is based in Berlin, Germany, and has been in circulation since 1960.

History and profile[edit]

Theater heute was founded in 1960.[1] The first issue appeared in Summer of that year, and its founders were Erhard Friedrich und Henning Rischbieter.[2][3] The magazine is published on a monthly basis by Friedrich Berlin Verlag GmbH based in Berlin.[1] It features articles on theater performances in Germany and in other countries.[4][5] It is one of the German publications which extensively published reviews about the work by Samuel Beckett and also, the German translations of his plays.[6]

The cofounder of the magazine, Henning von Rischbieter, was also its founding editor-in-chief.[3] Peter von Becker also served as the editor-in-chief of Theater heute in the late 1980s.[7]


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