Theatre Row (New York City)

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Theatre Row
The Theatre Row building with its five constituent theatre entrances
Theatre Row is located in Manhattan
Theatre Row
Theatre Row
Theatre Row is located in New York
Theatre Row
Theatre Row
Theatre Row is located in the US
Theatre Row
Theatre Row
Address 410 W 42nd Street
New York City
Coordinates 40°45′31″N 73°59′36″W / 40.758599°N 73.993397°W / 40.758599; -73.993397Coordinates: 40°45′31″N 73°59′36″W / 40.758599°N 73.993397°W / 40.758599; -73.993397
Owner 42nd Street Development Corporation
Type Off-Broadway
Capacity Acorn: 199
Beckett: 99
Clurman: 99
Kirk: 99
Lion: 88
Studio: 55

Theatre Row is the name for a section of 42nd Street in Midtown Manhattan between Ninth and Eleventh Avenues. The name comes from the numerous Off-Broadway and Off-Off-Broadway theatres that line the street.

In the 1970s, it was an infamous area of brothels and peepshows, but a campaign to clean up the street was launched, leading to the reclamation of the many smaller theatres along the stretch returning to use by live theatre, often of a more experimental or non-commercial variety.

Today, the stretch holds by a series of theatres, many if which have been renovated or newly built in recent years. From east to west, theatres along Theatre Row are:

The Theatre Row Building is currently home to 6 resident theatre companies: The Actors Company Theatre, Keen Company, The New Group, Resonance Ensemble, Theater Breaking Through Barriers, and the United Solo Theatre Festival.

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