Theatre of Sheep

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Theatre of Sheep
Origin Portland, Oregon, United States
Genres New wave
Years active 1980–1984, 2007, 2010
Labels Sheepish
Associated acts Negative Trend, Rozz Rezabek

Theatre of Sheep was an American new wave band from Portland, Oregon, formed in 1980. They were popular locally but never made the jump to a wider audience.[1][2][3]


Theatre of Sheep formed in 1980 with a line-up of Rozz Rezabek (formerly of Negative Trend), Jimi Haskett (guitar), Brian Wassman (drums), John (Clifford) Goins (bass) and Lesli Arbuthnot (keyboards). Bassist Jim Wallace then replaced Goins. Their 1983 cassette-only release, A Cathartic Aquacade, was produced and engineered by Greg Sage, leader of Portland punk band the Wipers.

Theatre of Sheep's debut 12" extended play, A Quiet Crusade, was released on their own Sheepish label in 1983,[4] followed by a cassette-only collection, Theatre of Sheep's Greatest Hits.[5]

The band broke up in 1984.

Other projects[edit]

Rezabek later released several solo recordings, including the 1999 album Lover Legend Liar,[6][7] and appeared in the 1998 documentary film Kurt & Courtney.

Legacy and reunions[edit]

Theatre of Sheep were documented with the 2006 compilation album Old Flames.[8]

The band reunited for Portland shows at Slabtown in 2007.[3] and the closing of Satyricon in 2010.[9]


  • Rozz Rezabek – vocals (1980-1984, 2007, 2010)
  • Jimi Haskett – guitar (1980-1984, 2007, 2010)
  • Brian Wassman – drums (1980-1984)
  • Lesli Arbuthnot – keyboards (1980-1984, 2007, 2010)
  • John (Clifford) Goins – bass (1980)
  • Jim Wallace – bass/keyboards (1983, 2007, 2010)
  • Mark Sten – bass
  • Rob Ohearn – keyboards
  • Kevin Jarvis – drums



  • A Cathartic Aquacade cassette (1983, self-released)
  • A Quiet Crusade 12" (1983, Sheepish)

Compilation albums[edit]

  • Theatre of Sheep's Greatest Hits cassette (1984, Sheepish)
  • Old Flames (2007, self-released)


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