Theatre of Sheep

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Theatre of Sheep
Origin Portland, Oregon, United States
Genres New wave
Years active 1980–1984

Theatre of Sheep was a 1980s American new wave band from Portland, Oregon that was popular locally.[citation needed] Musically, the band had much in common with stylish new wave and New Romantic bands of the day such as Echo & the Bunnymen and those featured on MTV.


Formed in 1980, they split in 1984 but played several one-off reunion shows throughout the 1990s. They were fronted by Rozz Rezabek. Their 1983 release, "A Cathartic Aquacade," was produced and engineered by Greg Sage, leader of the Portland punk band the Wipers.

Theatre of Sheep vocalist Rozz Rezabek is featured in the documentary film Kurt & Courtney.

Recent Activity[edit]

In the summer of 2006, Rezabek and Haskett began compiling old Theatre Of Sheep songs, to create a best of Theatre of Sheep CD. Produced by Jim Haskett, the CD contains remixed versions of fan favorites. Old Flames was released in the spring of 2007.

On December 15, 2007, Theatre of Sheep reunited for a show at Slabtown in Portland, Oregon.

On October 13, 2010, Rozz Rezabek-Wright, Jimi Haskett, James Wallace, and Brian Wassman performed a set of Theatre of Sheep standards at Satyricon during the last full month of operations for this renowned Portland, Oregon music venue.

Original Lineup[edit]

  • Rozz Rezabek Wright—Vocals
  • Lesli Arbuthnot—Keyboards
  • Jimi Haskett—Guitar
  • John (Clifford) Goins—Bass
  • Brian Wassman—Drums

Other Members[edit]

  • Mark Sten—Bass
  • Jim Wallace—Bass/Keyboards
  • Rob Ohearn; Keyboards
  • Kevin Jarvis; Drums


A Cathartic Aquacade (1983 Tape-only release)

  1. "Serenade" (sung out of key purposely version)
  2. "Danger Zone"
  3. "The Lucky Once"
  4. "Carousel"
  5. "Nacreous Cabaret"(kind of in-key version?)
  6. "Still Life"
  7. "Exhale "
  8. "Love is Never Sane"
  9. "Glamour"

A Quiet Crusade (1983 Vinyl-only EP release)

  1. "Like Wild Young Things"
  2. "Analisa"
  3. "Glamour (I wanna be lovely)"
  4. "Love is Never Sane"

Old Flames (2007 CD))

  1. "Dancing Underground"
  2. "Trouble In Red"
  3. "Glamour"
  4. "Midnight Serenade"
  5. "Still Life"
  6. "Nacreous Cabaret"
  7. "Lucky Ones"
  8. "Brixton"
  9. "1000 Miles Of Grey"
  10. "Greyline"
  11. "44 Hayes"
  12. "Danger Zone"
  13. "Carousel"
  14. "Analisa"
  15. "Love Is Never Sane"

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