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THOC (Theatre Organization of Cyprus) (Greek: ΘΟΚ), also known as Cyprus Theatre Organisation established in 1970 is the first semi-governmental theatrical organization in Cyprus. In accordance with its Founding Law (No. 71/1970) the aims and objectives of THOC are to «promote the art of theatre in Cyprus and to cultivate a sense of theatre among the people, and to promote artistic relations between the theatre world of Cyprus and that of Greece and other countries». THOC is governed by a 9-member Board of Directors appointed by the President of the Republic for a 3-year term of office, and is run by a Director whose appointment is made by the Board and ratified by the Council of Ministers. There is also an Artistic Committee, an advisory body responsible for artistic matters. Once the budget of THOC has been approved by the competent Ministry and the Council of Ministers, it is tabled for approval by the House of Representatives. The Organisation's policy is set out by the Board.[citation needed]


Until 1976, THOC organised its performances on two stages: the Main Stage and the Second Stage. Gradually, the requirement of a comprehensive repertoire, aimed at wide-ranging audiences of all ages, interests and preferences, made the creation of additional stages necessary

ΤHOC offers productions through its four stages:

  • Main Stage: With large-scale productions of classical and modern plays, as well as ancient drama, intended for large audiences and with performances specially scheduled for secondary school students.
  • New Stage: Established in 1994 as a follow-on from the Second Stage. Plays with small casts are performed in smaller spaces, with a more intimate relationship between stage and audience.
  • Experimental Stage: Promoting new forms of theatre and research, the Experimental stage is a place where young artists and theatre people with fresh ideas have a channel of expression.
  • Children's Stage: With plays by authors from Cyprus, Greece and other countries, THOC’s Children’s Stage successfully reaches out to children of ages from 4-12, with performances specially organised for schools and nurseries.[1]


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