Theca of follicle

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Theca of follicle
Latin theca folliculi
Anatomical terminology

The theca folliculi comprise a layer of the ovarian follicles. They appear as the follicles become tertiary follicles.

The theca are divided into two layers, the theca interna and the theca externa.

The theca interna is responsible for the production of androstenedione, and indirectly the production of 17β estradiol, also called E2, by supplying the neighboring granulosa cells with androstenedione that with the help of the enzyme aromatase can be used as a substrate for this type of estradiol. FSH induces the granulosa cells to make aromatase that converts the androgens made by the theca interna into estradiol. Also, the theca interna is highly vascular and possesses LH receptors, not FSH. Note that the estradiol promotes the formation of LH receptors on granulosa cells, which also have FSH receptors.

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