Thee Hypnotics

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Thee Hypnotics
Origin High Wycombe, England
Genres Garage rock, Psychedelic rock, Hard rock
Years active 1986–1999
Labels Sub Pop, Beggars Banquet, Situation Two,American Recordings,Rocket Records
Associated acts Black Moses
The Jim Jones Revue
Ray 'Sonic' Hanson's Whores Of Babylon
Past members
Jim Jones (vocals)
Ray Hanson (guitars)
Mark Thompson (drums)
Will Pepper (bass)
Phil Smith (drums)
and various , short lived 'hired hands',guests & members
Adam Sharam(bass)
Chris Dennis (bass)
Robert Zyn (guitar)
Craig Pike (bass)
David Ashe (guitar),Dave Danvers(guitar)

Thee Hypnotics,a four-piece band, : Vocals(Jim Jones), Guitars(Ray Hanson),who co~founded the band in late 85,along with the original Drummer(Mark Thompson 86~89),were joined by Bassists,(Adam Sharam 86-87)& then(Chris Dennis 87-88)& then finally , a settled 4~piece,with Bass (Will Pepper 88-93&94-95)& Canadian Drummer( Phil Smith 89-99)} , formed 'officially in 1986 in High Wycombe , Buckinghamshire and were an influential British garage/psychedelic/hard rock band into the late 90's. They were part of the early alternative rock&Psychedelic rock London scene,starting out in 1986, & releasing many singles,videos & three full-length albums and an EP "Liver Than God"on Sub-Pop Records, from 1987-1999 .Having to take an enforced hiatus in 1990, due to their drummer Phil Smith/Staines breaking his hips /back in a car accident,just after being supported by the Smashing Pumpkins at Princes' club,in Minneapolis, while they were on tour in the United Statespromoting the debut album "Come Down Heavy"(1990). They soldiered on,despite this,and continued their UK touring commitment, with The Damned's Drummer & Friend Rat Scabies, while Phil recuperated in Minneapolis (scene of the car crash) for around 8/9 months. ......They soon after,recorded the inspired, 2nd album "Soul, Glitter & Sin"(1991) at Rockfield Studios with John Leckie(,John Lennon,Syd Barrett,Stone Roses, and later post Thee Hypnotics, The Verve & Radioheads' "The Bends") by the noted,accomplished award winning producer. Shortly after a'dry mix', of one of the albums tracks "Coast To Coast",was produced by Jimmy Miller of 'Rolling Stones' fame(Beggars Banquet,Let It Bleed,Sticky Fingers).A more atmospheric, cinematic,introspective & melancholic affair,was injected into the already, heavy, fuzzed out, psychedelic groove of the debut studio album "Come Down Heavy"(1990),which had, featured guest appearances from Phil May & Dick Taylor( of 'The Pretty Things' legends),& recorded in Wardour St, London & mixed in Seattle by Sub Pop supremo Jack Endino........ Regarded as an inspiration, influence and in high esteem, by many bands & their peers, such as, The Black Crowes, Primal Scream,Fu Manchu/Nebula, Mudhoney, even later generations of R'nR groups,like White Stripes, BRMC & The Strokes had it rub off, one way or another & coming from the same place,for the love of Blues & Rock and Roll...The band had kept extensive touring of the U.S.A. U.K.& a tour of large arena venues in Europe, with more esteemed 'rock star' musician fans of the band 'The Cult' in Europe through 91 to 93,when bassist of 6 yrs Will Pepper decided to leave the 4-piece high-energy band....Replaced by Craig Pike (who had left Iggy Pops touring band),new demo's ensued, but with dubious management deals, "reckless touring" and then the tragic premature death of bassist Craig, Will was back in the fold on bass,& the band were off to L.A. to record their 3rd and final studio album, "The Very Crystal Speed Machine".(1993).This 'under rated & under exposed' album was produced by 'Black Crowes' lead singer, and long time admirer of the band, Chris Robinson, who had helped in the transition of the band signing to Rick Rubin's label 'American Recordings' from 'Beggars Banquet Records',with guest spots from The Black Crowes Eddie Harsch & Marc Ford .Another good album, that went under the radar, & the same for a couple of singles,recorded at Toe Rag Studios & with Rocket Recordings in Bristol, and then the bands momentum, was drained out, and finally,fizzled and split in 1999.

Their music was mostly influenced by late 1960s blues-influenced hard rock bands like The Stooges, MC5, The Doors,The Rolling Stones Blue Cheer, early Led Zeppelin,Jimi Hendrix Experience , New York Dolls & also The Cramps, Tom Waits,Elvis,Bad Seeds,Dr John as well as a wide eclectic mix of Dirty Blues, Soul, Rock 'n' Roll,Bump 'n' Grind!Captain Beefheart,Howlin'WolfSly & The Family Stone,Johnny Thunders,Chuck Berry, Muddy Waters,a ton of stuff!Far too many to mention![1] Unfortunately they remain a largely forgotten precursor to stoner rockand other musical 'movements of the late 80's & beyond? seems some of their biggest fans were their peers, other bands & musicians, aswell as a 'cult following'which is high praise indeed for a Rock'n' Roll monster',that slipped through the net!

Co-Founder and Co-Song Writer, along with Jim Jones (vocalist), the Guitarist & 'riff merchant' Ray Hanson, who played all guitars on all recordings apart from a few rhythm guitar tracks on 2nd album, "Soul , Glitter & Sin"by Rob Zyn, had'hired guns' & guests, for 'live work'to replicate ,the multi~tracked guitars he had recorded on all their songs.He took a 15-year hiatus from the music industry ("in sheer disillusion and holed up to write like a madman" ), writing hundreds of songs ,for his new project, "Ray 'Sonic' Hanson's Whores Of Babylon", which he debuted at 'Portobello Live'festival in London May 2015. He continues to write & record music which is in progress to be exposed.

Vocalist Jim Jones fronted The Jim Jones Revue.  A self-titled debut album was released in 2008 to some acclaim.After 3 more     releases,he formed new outfit Jim Jones & the Righteous Mind  in October 2015.....And Phil Smith/Staines,who , is in the process of     making a Feature Documentary, of "Thee Hypnotics",and is yet to be released(due to financial & distribution issues,& such like),played in a country band,and is currently drumming with his band The Estimators.                                     
                                                                                                                                                               *"Love In A Different Vein"b/w "All Night Long" 7" single (Vinyl Solution (1987)
                                                                                                                            *"Justice In Freedom" 12" b/w 'Preachin' & Ramblin' & "Choose My Own Way" (Situation Two,  Beggars Banquet)1988,                *"Soul Trader 12"b/w"Rock Me Baby'Live'& "Earth Blues"
  • Live'r Than God -'live' EP (UK Situation Two/Sub Pop)(1989) *"Floating In My Hoodoo Dream" 12" b/w "Samedis'Cookbook"(Hoodoo Reprise) *"Half Man, Half Boy' 12"b/w "9 times" &'Testimonial'(Situation Two, Beggars Banquet)1990
*Come Down Heavy - (Beggars Banquet/RCA/UK Situation Two)& (1990).Album: & Re~mastered & re~released w/extras (Cherry Red 2010/11)   
*Soul Glitter & Sin - (Beggars Banquet/RCA/UK Situation Two) & (1991). Album: & Re~mastered..Online w/extras (Cherry Red 2010/11)                                                                                  
*"Coast To Coast 12"(Jimmy Miller,produced & mixed)b/w"Soul Accelerator"/"Shakedown"(Situation Two)(1991)                                                                                                                    *"Shakedown"12"b/w "Dont Let It Get You Down"(Beggars Banquet/RCA/UK ( Situation Two )(1991)                                     *"The Very Crystal Speed Machine" -(American Recordings/SPV)(1993)                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          Singles & Releases:
  *"The Girls All Mine"(on "Motor City Madness".Compilation/Stooges Tribute Album..... *"Can You See Me" (on "If 6 Was 9",Jimi Hendrix Tribute Album)    *"Coast To Coast"12"(Jimmy Miller Mix)b/w "Soul Accelerator"/Shakedown (Situation Two)1991 *"Heavy Liquid"b/w "Heavy Liquid;Radio Edit"(from "The Very Crystal Speed Machine"Album(1993) *"Earth Blues 99/"Thing 4 U"(Rocket Recordings 1997)                                               
Video/Singles:                                                                                                                 Justice In Freedom (1988)..Directed by Wiz                                                                                         Soul Trader(1989)....                                                                                                             Floating In My Hoodoo Dream(1990)..Directed by Douglas Hart(JAMC)                                                                   Shakedown(1991)...                                                                                                                     Heavy Liquid(1993)...                                                                                   


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