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Theekkathir logo.gif
Type Daily newspaper
Owner(s) Communist Party of India (Marxist) Tamil Nadu State Committee[citation needed]
Editor-in-chief V Parameswaran
Founded 1963
Political alignment Communist
Language Tamil
Headquarters Chennai, Tamil Nadu

Theekkathir is a Tamil newspaper and the organ of the Tamil Nadu State Committee of the Communist Party of India (Marxist). Theekkathir published from Madurai, Chennai, Coimbatore and Tiruchirappalli.[1]


In 1963, Theekkathir was started as a weekly organ from Chennai with the fund collected by Coimbatore mill workers. Its first editor was Comrade Arputhasamy, fondly called as Appu.

When CPI(M) was formed in 1964, Theekkathir became the official organ of the Party’s Tamil Nadu state committee and launched in 1966 at (Nadesan Road) Chennai its regular edition was launched in 1969 at Madurai, the stronghold of the Party. Theekkathir became a daily newspaper in 1971.

The paper’s second edition started from Chennai in 1993. Its third edition started from Coimbatore in 2007. The fourth edition from Tiruchirappalli was launched as a conclusion of the August campaign.[2]


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