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The Federalist
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Slogan Be lovers of freedom and anxious for the fray.
Launched September 1, 2013; 23 months ago (2013-09-01)
Alexa rank
17,437 (Apr 2015)[1]
Current status Active

The Federalist is an online magazine that covers politics, policy, culture, and religion.[2] It was co-founded by Ben Domenech and Sean Davis; senior editors include David Harsanyi and Mollie Hemingway.[3] According to Domenech, the site has "a viewpoint that rejects the assumptions of the media establishment" and says it is dedicated to discussing "the philosophical underpinnings of the day's debate" instead of focusing on what he calls "the horserace or the personalities".[2] Other sources have described The Federalist as conservative and as a "right-wing outlet".[4][5][6]


Writer and former Obama administration spokesman Reid Cherlin describes The Federalist as "seek[ing] to go deep on the issues and sway the conversation in Washington."[4]

David Harsanyi, a Denver Post columnist described The Federalist as a source of original interviews and arguments between conservatives and libertarians. David Weigel from Bloomberg Politics said that Rand Paul and Mike Lee "gave the site news-making looks at their agendas for foreign policy and Congress, respectively."[7]

In late 2014, The Federalist attracted media coverage when it published articles saying that Neil deGrasse Tyson misquoted George W. Bush in some of his public appearances.[8][9][10][11]


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