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EP by Biffy Clyro
Released 13 June 2000
Recorded The Practice Pad
Glasgow, Scotland
Genre Alternative rock
Length 17:56
Label Electric Honey
EHRCD-013 (UK, CD)
Producer S.A.G
DP Johnson
Biffy Clyro
Biffy Clyro chronology

Blackened Sky

Thekidswhopoptodaywillrocktomorrow was the first EP released by Biffy Clyro.


It was a limited edition release on Stow College's Electric Honey label while the band were studying audio there. Thekidswho..., as it is generally referred to, has gone on to be regarded as a seminal release by the band. Three of the tracks feature in later releases ("57" and "Justboy" as album tracks and singles on Blackened Sky, and "Hope for an Angel" as a B-side on the "57" single), but the versions on this early CD differ from those later versions from the Blackened Sky era.

Track listing[edit]

Songs and lyrics by Simon Neil. Music by Biffy Clyro.

No. Title Length
1. "57"  
2. "Hope for an Angel"  
3. "Justboy"  
4. "Less the Product"  


  • Simon Neil – guitar, vocals
  • James Johnston – bass, vocals
  • Ben Johnston – drums, vocals