Thelma Fardin

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Thelma Fardín
Born Thelma Fardin
(1992-10-24) October 24, 1992 (age 24)
San Carlos de Bariloche, Río Negro Province, Argentina
Occupation Actress

Thelma Fardín (Spanish pronunciation: [ˈtelma farˈðin]; born October 24, 1992) is an Argentine actress. She became famous for her role as Josefina in Patito Feo


Thelma Fardin began her career in 1998, participating in the soap opera Cabecita, which stars Laura Olivia. In 1999 takes part in the movies La edad del sol, by Soledad Pastorutti and later participated in some television series including: Los simuladores in 2002 – 2003 Tiempo final from 2000 to 2002, The Nanny and as a host and La Tarde Dibujando Chicos Argentinos in 2005. Later she participated in her first work of theater Pequeño Ghost. In 2003 took part in Click and in the same year she participated in dádiva of a wandering soul. In 2006 part in the telenovela Sos mi vida, where she played the role of Laura, the adopted daughter of the character played by Facundo Arana.

At the beginning of 2007 shall take part, as a model in the magazine Beauty and models. After participating in Patito Feo, in the role of Josefina Beltran, and will also take part in its musical from 2007 to 2008. A November 2007 she was featured on the cover of Tweens magazine. In March 2010 is involved in 30 episodes of Consentidos (but then remained until the end of production). She was Juan Manuel Guilera's girlfriend.


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