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Thelma Harrington Bell (July 3, 1896 – May 1985) and Corydon Whitten Bell (July 16, 1894 – June 1980) were American authors from the state of North Carolina. As a husband and wife team, they wrote and illustrated a number of children's books, many set in North Carolina. In 1961 Thelma Bell received the Dorothy Canfield Fisher Children's Book Award for Captain Ghost, and several of the Bells' books have been Junior Literary Guild selections. Corydon Bell also did illustrations for magazines and books by other writers.

As well as children's novels, they produced some children's science books on weather and time.

Selected books[edit]

  • Yaller-Eye, 1951
  • Take It Easy, 1953
  • Snow, 1954 (non-fiction)
  • Captain Ghost, 1959
  • Thunderstorm, 1960 (non-fiction)
  • The Two Worlds of Davy Blount, 1962
  • The Riddle of Time, 1963 (non-fiction)
  • A Dash of Pepper, 1965

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