Them Clones

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Them Clones
From left to right: Akshay Raheja, Surojit Dev, Joseph Lalhmachhuana, Prithwish Dev, New Delhi, August 2015
Background information
Origin New Delhi, India
Genres Alternative rock
Years active 2000 (2000)–present
Members Akshay Raheja
Surojit Dev
Joseph Lalhmachhuana
Prithwish Dev
Rohit Kulkarni (Sessions)
Abhishek Mittal (Sessions) [1]
Past members Ashish Ddavidd
Clarence Gonsalvez
Romit Gupta
Gucci Singh
Ravi Singh

Them Clones is an Indian rock band, formed sometime in August 2000 in New Delhi at drummer Surojit Dev's bedroom.

The band started in a bedroom in South Delhi’s RK Puram area, resonating with drum loops and guitar riffs from where they were kicked out due to "excessive noise". The search for a new jam pad led them to other neighbourhoods, where they attempted covers of popular rock and grunge classics followed by the release of their own singles. They began by touring the Delhi University music scene and won many and noted competitions.[2]

The band were the "chosen ones" at the Channel [V] LaunchPad in 2005 and were voted as the 'Best Band' at Jack Daniel's Rock Awards in 2006 and 2007. In 2007, they were 2nd runners up at the Channel [V] AMP Big Break All Asia. They followed this up at The Jack Daniel's Rock Awards 2009 by winning 'Best Song', 'Best Vocalist' and 'Best Drummer' awards. 'My life' also was awarded the Best Song in the 'Rock Category' at IMA Awards.

October 2009 witnessed their debut album Love.Hate.Heroes' with Counter Culture Records / EMI Records. Their most popular songs are ‘My Life’, ‘Awaken’, ‘Zephyretta’, ‘Zoopertrip’, ‘In The Name of God’, ‘Sindrome’, ‘Wait For Me’, 'The Bomb Song' and 'Mediocre'.

Post their debut album 'Love.Hate.Heroes' in 2009, the Clones dropped 'Singles' in 2011 'All About a Heart Break' and 'Jealousy' as well as its video followed with 'Season 2 Singles' in 2013 with new hits 'Mediocre' and 'Speak when i'm gone'. The band chose to give the singles out for free from their website and soundcloud page They started their own festival 'Clonefest' in 2011 which happens once a year annually in New Delhi.[3]


Them Clones have often cited Rage Against the Machine, Coldplay, Smashing Pumpkins, Alice In Chains and Pearl Jam as their major influencers.[4]

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