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Robb Alvey

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Robb Alvey
Born Robert Lee
Southern California
Nationality American
Occupation Video game producer
Known for Theme park review

Robb Alvey (born Robert Lee) is a roller coaster reviewer, known roller coaster enthusiast, and video game producer for various companies, including Gray Matter Interactive and WayForward Technologies. Raised in southern California, Alvey has been on over 1400 coasters all across the world and has documented his travels and those of others on his roller coaster website[1][2] He and his wife Elissa have been featured on theme park documentaries for Discovery Channel, Travel Channel,[3] TLC, and have done television commercials and promotional interviews for theme parks and rides manufacturers. They have also been interviewed by major publications such as The Wall Street Journal,[4] The New York Times, and many theme park industry periodicals.

He has been featured in the television series Insane Coaster Wars as a roller coaster expert[5] and was a registered member of the American Coaster Enthusiasts organization in 1999.[6]


Theme Park Review[edit]

Theme Park Review is a website created by Alvey as a place to show his and others travels to different theme parks. The website was started in 1996 and became a site for coaster videos, photos, forums, and information about theme parks and roller coasters. In total, the website sees over 2 million visitors a year[7] and has more than 35,000 registered members.[8] After the popularity of his website increased, a number of people indicated they wished to be involved in his theme park tours, so he began selling tickets for fans to accompany him. These tours were organized by Alvey through his website and span multiple theme parks across the United States and internationally, such as the Middle America Tour in August 2010, where seventeen theme parks were attended over the course of fifteen days,[9] and a 40-person world tour that included Aussie World in Australia.[10]

Game producer[edit]

Alvey has worked as a video game producer on a number of games including the remake A Boy and His Blob[11] and Call of Duty: United Offensive.[12] Companies he has worked with include MGM Interactive,[13] WayForward Technologies,[11] Take-Two Interactive,[14] and Gray Matter Interactive.[15]

Personal life[edit]

He currently lives in Orlando, Florida[8]


Film/Game Type Year Role
Insane Coaster Wars[5] TV series 2012 Self
Thor: God of Thunder Video game 2011 Producer
SpongeBob SquigglePants Video game 2011 Producer
Batman: The Brave and the Bold – The Videogame Video game 2010 Producer
Roller Coasters in the Raw: HD Volume 1 Movie 2010 Director/Producer/Editor
Barbie and the Three Musketeers Video game 2009 Producer
Roller Coasters in the Raw: Volume 4 Movie 2009 Director/Producer/Editor
A Boy and His Blob[11] Video game 2009 Producer
Roller Coasters in the Raw: Volume 3 Movie 2009 Director/Producer/Editor
Roller Coasters in the Raw: Volume 2 Movie 2008 Director/Producer/Editor
Roller Coasters in the Raw: Volume 1 Movie 2007 Director/Producer/Editor
Transformers: The Game Video game 2007 Producer
Call of Duty 3 Video game 2006 Consulting producer
The Movies Video game 2005 Consulting producer
Call of Duty 2: Big Red One Video game 2005 Producer
Call of Duty: United Offensive[15] Video game 2004 Executive producer
Mall Tycoon[14] Video game 2002 Executive producer
Stronghold Video game 2001 Executive producer
Jetfighter IV: Fortress America[16] Video game 2000 Executive producer
Sheep Video game 2000 Executive producer
Tomorrow Never Dies[17] Video game 1999 Executive producer
WarGames: Defcon 1 Video game 1998 Director/Executive producer
Spot Goes to Hollywood Video game 1995 Producer
The Jungle Book[18] Video game 1994 Game designer/Producer
The Lion King Video game 1994 Production coordinator
The 7th Guest Video game 1993 Producer
Disney's Aladdin Video game 1993 Producer
Dune II Video game 1992 Production coordinator


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