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Also known as Them
Origin Oakland, California
Genres Underground hip hop, indie hip hop
Years active 1997–present
Labels Anticon
Associated acts Subtle, 13 & God
Members Doseone

Themselves is an underground hip hop duo based in Oakland, California. It consists of rapper Doseone and producer Jel. Dax Pierson, from the affiliated group Subtle, has played keyboards for the group. However, he is not considered an official member.

To date, Themselves has released three albums and two singles on Anticon, as well as being featured on multiple compilations.


Themselves initially recorded and released music under the name Them. In 1998, the group first made their debut on Anticon's breakout compilation Music for the Advancement of Hip Hop with the song "It's Them." Their self-titled first album Them was released in 1999. It was followed by the single "Joyful Toy of a 1001 Faces" in 2000 and another single "This About the City Too" in 2002.

In 2003, they changed their name to Themselves and released The No Music. A remix album The No Music of AIFFS was released in 2004.

Themselves returned in 2009 by releasing a mixtape The Free Houdini, as a promotion for a new upcoming album CrownsDown. The Free Houdini features guests such as Sole, Alias, Slug, Buck 65, Aesop Rock, Busdriver, Serengeti, Pedestrian, Passage and Lionesque. It is followed a month later by the third studio album CrownsDown. Another remix album CrownsDown & Company was released later in 2010.

Associated groups[edit]

Themselves is also a part of 13 & God along with German band The Notwist. The self-titled first album 13 & God was released in 2005. It was followed up by the album Own Your Ghost in 2011.

Doseone and Jel also make up part of the band Subtle. The band has released three studio albums on Lex Records.


Studio albums[edit]


Remix albums[edit]

Live albums[edit]

  • Live (2003)
  • Live II (2005)


  • "Joyful Toy of a 1001 Faces" (1999)
  • "This About the City Too" (2002)
  • "P.U.S.H." (2004)

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