Then and Now (David Cassidy album)

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Then and Now
Compilation album by David Cassidy
Released April 30, 2002
Genre Pop
Length 48:20
Label Decca Records
Producer Ted Carfrae
David Cassidy chronology
When I'm a Rock 'n' Roll Star
Then and Now
A Touch of Blue

Then and Now is David Cassidy's 16th solo album, released in 2002. It became a big hit in the UK, where it reached #5 in the album charts and ultimately achieved Platinum sales status. It contains new recordings of songs previously released in other albums.

Track listing[edit]

  1. "I Think I Love You"
  2. "Could It Be Forever"
  3. "How Can I Be Sure"
  4. "I Woke Up In Love This Morning"
  5. "Daydreamer"
  6. "I Can Feel Your Heartbeat"
  7. "It's One of Those Nights (Yes Love)"
  8. "I Write the Songs"
  9. "Rock Me Baby"
  10. "Some Kind Of A Summer"
  11. "Looking Through the Eyes of Love"
  12. "I'll Meet You Halfway"
  13. "If I Didn't Care"
  14. "Cherish"
  15. "The Last Kiss"
  16. "Ain't No Sunshine"
  17. "Lyin' To Myself"
  18. "Cry"
  19. "No Bridge I Wouldn't Cross"
  20. "Sheltered In Your Arms"
  21. "Ricky's Tune"
  22. "Could It Be Forever (Feat. Hear' Say)

Album credits[edit]

Drums - Mike Bradley, Hal Blaine
Bass - Steve Pearce, Max Bennett
Piano/Keyboards - Pete Murray
Fender Rhodes - Michael Smith
Guitars - Hugh Bums, Fridrick Karlsson, Jimmy McIntosh, Dennis Budimir, Louie Shelton
Percussion - Frank Ricotti, Gary Coleman
Piano Accordion - Eddie Hession
Harmonica - Brenden Power
Harpsichord - Alexander Skeaping
Recorder - Paul Fawcus
Violins: Harvey De Souza, Laurence Jackson, Darrell Kok, Jan Schmolk, Ralph De Souza, Simon Smith, Sarah Ewins, Steve Morris
Viola: Bob Smissen, Tim Grant
Cello: Jo Knight, William Schofield

Saxophone and Flute - Paul Fawcus, Scott Garland

Trumpet and Flugal - Pat White, Mark Cumberland
Trombone - Dennis Rollins

Background vocals:
David Cassidy - Background vocals on "Ain't No Sunshine"
Ted Carfrae - Harmony vocal on "I Write The Songs"

Mae McKenna, Janet Mooney, Lance Ellington, Phil Nicholl, Candace Davis Martin, Lisa Mayer, John Bahlor, Tom Bahlor, Randy Crenshaw, Jackie Ward

PRODUCER: Ted Carfrae For TCM Music Ltd