Theodoor Aenvanck

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Fruit in a basket, 1653

Theodoor Aenvanck or Theodor Aenvanck (name variations: Théodoor van Aenvanck, Theodor van Aenvanck, Theodor Aenvalck) (1633, Antwerp – 1690, Antwerp (?)) was a Flemish Baroque painter. He is known for his flower still lifes.[1]


He was a pupil of the still life painter Jan Davidszoon de Heem. He became a member of the Antwerp Guild of St. Luke in 1647, and in 1669 he became master. He traveled abroad probably before 1669. He likely left Antwerp again after March 1686.[1] He died after 1690 but the place of death is not clear.


He is known for his flower still lifes but also painted fruit still lives and fish still lives.[1]