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Theodor Arnold (1683–1771)[1] was a German Anglicist from Leipzig,[1] at the time a part of the Electorate of Saxony. He was a professor at the University of Leipzig[2] and published numerous English grammars, dictionaries, and translations for German and Danish readers. His works were among the most popular for English-language learning in Germany in the 18th and 19th centuries.[3][2]


  • New English Grammar (Hanover: 1718[3] & Leipzig: 1823 & 1829[4])
  • Grammatica Anglicana Concentrata, oder Kurtz-gefaßte Englische Grammatica (Leipzig: 1736[2] & 1781[5]) (in German)
  • The Quran (from George Sale's English translation,[6] 1746) (in German)
  • A Compleat English Dictionary oder Vollständiges Englisch-Deutsche Wörter-Buch (Leipzig: 1752) (in German)
  • A Complet Vocabulary, English and German (Leipzig: 1757[3] & 1790[7]) (in German)
  • Vollständiges Deutsch-Englishes Wörterbuch (Leipzig: 1778 & 1783)[8] (in German)
  • Grammatica Anglicana et Danica Concentrata eller Engelske og Danske Grammatika (Copenhagen: 1791)[9] (in Danish)
  • Engelske Grammatik (Copenhagen: 1800)[10] (in Danish)
  • Fuldstændig Engelsk og Dansk Haand-Ordbog (Copenhagen: 1820)[11] (in Danish)



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  • Arnold, Theodor (1781) [Originally published 1736], Grammatica Anglicana Concentrata, oder kurzgefaßte Englische Grammatic, Revised by J.B. Rogler, Leipzig: Wansenhaus. (in German)
  • Arnold, Thomas (1790), A Compleat Vocabulary English and German oder vollständig kleines Wörterbuch Englisch und Deutsch, Revised by Johann Bartholomäus Rogler, Leipzig: Nathanael Sigismund Frommanns. (in German)
  • Arnold, Theodor (1791), Grammatica Anglicana et Danica Concentrata eller Engelske og Danske Grammatika, Revised edition, Copenhagen: Faber og Nitschkes Forlag. (in Danish)
  • Arnold, Theodor (1800), Engelske Grammatik i kort Begreb, Revised by Christian Frederik Bay, Copenhagen: J.H. Schubothe. (in Danish)
  • Arnold, Theodor (1820), Fuldstændig Engelsk og Dansk Haand-Ordbog, Revised by Christian Frederik Bay, Copenhagen: Gyldendalske Boghandlings Forlag. (in Danish)
  • Arnold, Theodor (1823) [Reprinted 1829], Englische Grammatik (in German), Revised by Joh. Ant. Fahrenkrüger, Leipzig: Friedrich Frommann
  • Bailey, Nathan (1752), A Compleat English Dictionary oder Vollständiges Englisch-Deutsche Wörter-Buch, Revised by Theodor Arnold, Leipzig: Großischen Handlung. (in German)
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