Theodor Jacobsen Observatory

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Theodor Jacobsen Observatory
Theodor Jacobsen Observatory (2006)
OrganizationUniversity of Washington
LocationSeattle, Washington, United States
Coordinates47°39′38″N 122°18′33″W / 47.660432°N 122.3092°W / 47.660432; -122.3092Coordinates: 47°39′38″N 122°18′33″W / 47.660432°N 122.3092°W / 47.660432; -122.3092
Warner & Swasey6" refractor
Theodor Jacobsen Observatory is located in the United States
Theodor Jacobsen Observatory
Location of Theodor Jacobsen Observatory
Inside the dome

The Theodor Jacobsen Observatory is the on-campus observatory of the University of Washington. Built in 1895, it is the second oldest building on campus and was constructed using the remaining Tenino sandstone blocks from Denny Hall, the oldest and first building on campus. The refracting telescope, enclosed within the dome, has a 6-inch Brashear objective lens on a Warner & Swasey equatorial mount. The observatory also includes a transit room on the west side and a 55-seat classroom, which was built later, on the south side.

Today, the observatory is primarily used for public outreach and is run jointly by the UW Department of Astronomy and the Seattle Astronomical Society. Every first and third Wednesday between March and November the observatory is open to the public.[citation needed]

The observatory is listed on the State Register of Historical Buildings.[citation needed]

Information on the original design and building of the observatory by Prof. Joseph Marion Taylor may be found on the University of Washington Astronomy Department website and other sources.

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