Theodor Mügge

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Theodor Mügge
Die Gartenlaube (1861) b 293.jpg
Portrait from Die Gartenlaube of 1861

Theodor Mügge (1806-1861) was a German author.


He was born - 1802 - and educated in Berlin. His liberal sentiments, expressed in various newspapers and in such pamphlets as Die Censurverhältnisse in Preussen (1845), led in several instances to his arrest and prosecution. During the 20 years preceding his death - 1861 - he wrote numerous sketches, tales, novels, and romances, which appeared in a complete edition in 1862-67 (33 vols.). Several, including Toussaint (1840) and Afraja (1854), have been translated into English. Notable are his Norwegian romances and sketches of travel: Leben and Lieben in Norwegen (“Life and love in Norway,” 1858); Skizzen aus dem Norden (“Sketches from the North,” 1844); and Nordisches Bilderbuch (“Nordic picture album,” 1858; 3d ed. 1862).