Theodor von Reding

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Portrait of Theodor von Reding

Theodor von Reding (5 July 1755 – 23 April 1809) was born and raised in Switzerland where he commenced his military career. He served in Spain as a governor and general, leading Swiss and Spanish troops against Napoleonic forces and was admired for his leadership and bravery.

He was born in Schwyz, the son of the aristocrat Josef Rudolf Reding von Biberegg (1726–1799). His brother was Alois von Reding (1765–1818).

Governor of Málaga (1806-1808), in July 1808 von Reding fought under General Castaños at the Battle of Bailén, where the 3rd Swiss Regiment Reding fought with conspicuous valour.

After that, he was commanded the defense of Catalonia, where he tried to organize the Spanish forces, and he was able to obtain 30,000 men for the war. He was wounded on 25 February 1809, during the Battle of Valls against the French forces led by Gouvion Saint-Cyr and died in Tarragona eleven days later from fever and the consequences of his wounds.


Numerous activities and actions are being carried out currently to honor him. The Historical Recreation Group 3rd Swiss Regiment Reding is one of the biggest events that honor him.

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