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Theodora Children's Charity is a British charity which helps sick and disabled children across the UK. Founded in 1994.


The charity sends professionally trained performers called Giggle Doctors to bring fun and laughter to children in hospitals, hospices and specialist care centres across the UK.[1]


The hospitals involved in the programme receive weekly visits from "Giggle Doctors". The Giggle Doctors use their skills to involve each patient as much as possible, ensuring that the child is not only a spectator but can participate in the magic and the activities. The Giggle Doctors also involve the families and the medical staff in these sessions.[2]


In April 1994, the charity introduced two Giggle Doctors to Great Ormond Street Hospital. Today, the charity makes life better for 30,000 children in hospitals, hospices and in specialist care centres throughout the UK.


  • Guardian Charity Awards 2003[3]
  • Third Sector Charity Award Finalist: Small Charity, Big Achiever


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