Theodore E. Steinway

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Theodore E. Steinway
Born October 6, 1883
Died April 8, 1957
New York City, United States
Nationality USA
Children John H. Steinway (1917-1989)
Engineering career
Institution memberships Collectors Club of New York
Philatelic Foundation
Practice name Steinway & Sons
Significant projects Board of Trustees of the Philatelic Foundation
Significant awards Lichtenstein Medal

Theodore E. Steinway (October 6, 1883 – April 8, 1957), of the famous Steinway piano family, was a member of the Collectors Club of New York and Board of Trustees of the Philatelic Foundation. He was awarded the first Lichtenstein Medal in 1952 for his efforts in the field of philately as well as his contributions to the growth and prestige of the Collectors Club.

Contribution to the club[edit]

Steinway supported the Collectors Club with funds for various projects, such as purchasing the philatelic library of Austrian Justice Viktor Suppantschitsch for the club. The development of this library resulted in the club having one of the most extensive philatelic libraries in the world.

Philatelic Foundation[edit]

Steinway, along with other prominent American philatelists, helped found the Philatelic Foundation, which originally was located on the fourth floor of the Collectors Club of New York. He was named Chairman of the Expert Committee (1950–1952)..

Association for Stamp Exhibitions[edit]

He was also the founder of the Association for Stamp Exhibitions and was responsible for organizing the first five philatelic international exhibits in the United States which were held in 1913, 1926, 1936, 1947 and 1956.

Stamp collections[edit]

Steinway had various collections of stamps. The most significant ones were:

Thematic collecting[edit]

Because of his interest in collecting stamps related to his business, and because he applied no rigid rules as to collecting stamps, Steinway is often regarded as one of the founders of thematic collecting, which today is a common method of collecting. Such collectors today collect stamps showing butterflies, elephants, Disney characters, famous art, and so on.


Because of his extensive interests and leadership within the field of philately, Theodore E. Steinway was awarded the first Lichtenstein Medal by the Collectors Club of New York in 1952.


His son, John H. Steinway (1917–1989), carried on his father's work in the field of philately, and served on the Board of Trustees of The Philatelic Foundation.

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