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Theodore Havermeyer Northrup (1866-1919) composed one of the earliest rags, "Louisiana Rag" in 1897. The Thompson Music Company of Chicago in November, 1897 stated in a promo ad that it was "composed by Theo H. Northrup, the greatest living ragtime pianist. This piece has made an instantaneous hit and has become a great favorite everywhere." His other compositions in 1897 included "A Night on the Levee" and "Savannah Jubilee".


  • Avon Waltzes (1887)
  • La Tosca Waltzes (1889)


  • Just Ten


  • All the Go
  • Two Happy Coons
  • The Moon's Pale Light is Beaming


  • In the Ball Room: Schottische
  • The Possum Patrol
  • The Tennis Mazurka
  • Dancing Waves
  • Irene Slumbers, with W. Hill
  • Turn Texas Loose, with C. C. DeZouche


  • The Angelus Bell
  • Dolores
  • In Lover's Lane, with E. Field
  • The Flower Gardener Waltzes
  • I'm A Sport


  • Carrie and Her Wheel
  • A Kiss at Home
  • The Waif on the Street
  • Regret
  • The Golden Gate Brigade: March
  • The Loreley


  • The Golden Treasury of Music from the World's Famous Composers, compilation and arrangement
  • Eaoline, with Louie Blosser
  • Papa, Be Good to Mama
  • Trilby
  • Pat Wiley's Old Back Stoop, with William Lewis Elliot
  • One Night, with Lawrence Oxenford
  • Years Ago
  • My Heart's Desire
  • The Sweetest Girl in Town


  • My Eileen
  • The Anvil of Blacksmith John
  • It Is Better to Have Loved and Lost Than Ne'er to Have Loved at All, with Walter M. Auerbach
  • The Palms
  • Down in Maiden Lane, with Colin C. Hamand
  • I Love You So
  • Over The Fence Sweet Polly


  • Ben Harney's Ragtime Instructor, as arranger
  • Savannah Jubilee Schottische
  • A Night On The Levee
  • Louisiana Rag (Pas Ma La)
  • Only a Pair of Worn-Out Shoes, with William Fisher
  • One Sweetly Solemn Thought
  • Plantation Echoes
  • Susanna from Savannah, with George Evans


  • Happy Hannah
  • On the Bayou


  • I Cert'nly Was a Very Busy Man
  • My Dearest Girl
  • Virginia Capers
  • After What He Done To Me, with Nellie Smith Ravell
  • Where the Branches Kissed the River
  • Chester and Dorothy, with William S. Lord
  • The Lass and the Highland Plaid
  • Sue, Ma Sue, with Charles W. Doty
  • Over the Hills to Jersey


  • Dost Thou Remember
  • Loquatias Moll
  • Suzanne from Gay Paree, with Harry Werner
  • I'm Glad to See You're Back, with Will D. Cobb
  • Pucker Up Your Lips Miss Lucy
  • A Good Run's Better Than a Bad Stand
  • The Conjure Man
  • When I'se By Her Side
  • She's Ma Little Sugar Plum
  • My Little Jungle Queen: A Congo Love
  • She's the Real Thing My Baby
  • Lou Lou: Sérénade


  • United Confederate Veterans (U.C.V.) March
  • Gladys
  • Parthenia


  • Polly Pry
  • Silas and the New York Girl
  • Lucy
  • The Broadway Brigade


  • Uncle Sammy


  • In the Forest


  • Sometimes in Dreams

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