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Theodore Lockard Thomas (born April 13, 1920[1] - September 24, 2005[2]) was an American chemical engineer and attorney who wrote more than 50 science fiction short stories, published between the early 1950s to the late 1970s. He also collaborated on two novels with Kate Wilhelm, as well as producing stories under the pseudonyms of Leonard Lockhard and Cogswell Thomas, and was nominated for a Nebula award and a Hugo Award.


Collaborations with Kate Wilhelm[edit]

  • The Clone (1965, expanded from his 1959 short story of the same name)
  • The Year of the Cloud (1970)

Short stories[edit]

  • "The Far Look", in Astounding, August 1956
  • "Ceramic Incident", in Astounding, October 1956
  • "The Innocents’ Refuge", in Science Fiction Stories, May 1957
  • "Satellite Passage", in If, Dec 1958, and available in The Best of the Best Part One
  • "Day of Succession", in Astounding, August 1959
  • "The Clone", in Fantastic, Dec 1959
  • "December 28th", in Playboy, Dec 1959
  • "The Intruder", in Fantasy and Science Fiction, Feb 1961
  • "Test", in Fantasy and Science Fiction, April 1962
  • "The Weather Man", in Analog, June 1962
  • "The Lonely Man", in Galaxy, April 1963
  • "The Ice Ages", in Fantasy and Science Fiction, April 1965
  • "Science Springboard, The: Smog", article in Fantasy and Science Fiction, Jan 1966
  • "The Doctor", in Orbit 2, 1967
  • "The Weather on the Sun", in Orbit 8, 1970 (Also available in The Science Fictional Solar System)
  • "Early Bird (Cogswell)", in Astounding, 1973 (Also available in The John W Campbell Memorial Anthology)
  • Ker-Plop, in Asimov's Science Fiction, 1979
  • "The Splice", in Fantasy and Science Fiction, March 1981

As Cogswell Thomas[edit]

  • "Paradise Regained", in Saving Worlds, 1973 (in collaboration with Theodore Cogswell)

As Leonard Lockhard[edit]

  • "The Lagging Profession" (1961)
  • "Improbable Profession" (1952), in Astounding, September 1952 (co-written with Charles L. Harness)


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