Theodore Roosevelt High School (Des Moines)

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Theodore Roosevelt High School Theodore Roosevelt Senior High School in Des Moines, Iowa's largest high school LCCN2011633151.tif
4419 Center Street

Coordinates41°35′33″N 93°40′46″W / 41.592606°N 93.679309°W / 41.592606; -93.679309Coordinates: 41°35′33″N 93°40′46″W / 41.592606°N 93.679309°W / 41.592606; -93.679309
TypePublic Secondary
School districtDes Moines Public Schools
SuperintendentDr. Thomas Ahart
DeanSusanna Marcucci
PrincipalMr. Kevin Biggs
Staff74.60 (FTE)[2]
Enrollment2,014 (2018–19)[2]
Student to teacher ratio27.00[2]
CampusUrban (Des Moines)
Color(s)Navy Blue and White          
Athletics conferenceCentral Iowa Metro League
RivalEast Scarlets
Hoover Huskies
Lincoln Rail Splitters
NewspaperRider Roundup

Theodore Roosevelt High School, usually referred to simply as Roosevelt High School or TRHS, is a secondary school located on the west side of Des Moines, Iowa. It is one of five secondary schools under the district of the Des Moines Public Schools, and was named after the 26th President of the United States, Theodore Roosevelt.


The construction of the building in which TRHS is housed was initiated in 1922 by Proudfoot, Bird, and Rawson and opened in 1924 with 1,282 students. The final cost to build was $1,331,600. The building's design has won many awards and is considered one of 50 most significant buildings in Iowa by PBS. The building is on both the State and National Register of Historic Places.


As of the 2008–2009 school year, there were 1,654 students[3] enrolled at Roosevelt High School.

Enrollment figures[edit]

Year Total Seniors (12th grade) Juniors (11th grade) Sophomores (10th grade) Freshmen (9th grade)
2008-2009[3] 1,654 421 387 428 418
2007-2008[4] 1,671 427 381 425 438
2006-2007[5] 1,622 358 418 396 450
2005-2006[6] 1,591 324 344 441 468
2004-2005[7] 1,636 350 361 405 520
2003-2004[7] 1,583 331 380 403 470
2002-2003[7] 1,610 372 367 400 471


Roosevelt High School

Students must be enrolled in physical education at least 1 semester each year while in high school and complete CPR certification. They are also required to, as before, take core academic courses in order to graduate and receive a diploma. These include Social Studies, English, Mathematics, Science, and Art, therefore leaving the two remaining blocks to be electives and/or release periods. Credits needed to graduate are currently 23, raised from 18 beginning with the graduating class of 2011.

All students are required by Des Moines Public Schools to enroll in four subject courses and a Physical Education course. The school district compels lower-class students to schedule a full day of classes, however, in order to ensure satisfaction with district graduation requirements. Juniors and Seniors have the option of having an "open period" during the first or last period of the school day (Seniors may have open periods during any period). Juniors require parental permission to have an open period.

Athletics and activities[edit]

WPA poster for a citywide forum lecture at Roosevelt High School by journalist Max Lerner (1940)
US Senator and Presidential candidate Bernie Sanders speaking at Roosevelt High School (January 2016)

Roosevelt competes as a school in the Iowa High School Athletic Association 4A school. It is a member of the Central Iowa Metro League conference, or CIML, along with all four of the other DMPS high schools and Ottumwa High School.

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