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Theodore "Ted" Terbolizard (born February 29, 1968 in Mountain View, California) is an American Republican Party politician. He was a candidate for the Republican Party's nomination for the United States House of Representatives[1] in California's 4th congressional district in a seat vacated by Incumbent John Doolittle, who announced that he would not run in 2008.

Terbolizard co-hosts a radio program named Congressional Coast to Coast with Dean Santoro. The show covers current events such as voting, outreach, and general politics.

2008 Congressional campaign[edit]

In 2007, Terbolizard launched his bid for the Republican Party nomination for Congress. Terbolizard came in fourth place out of four candidates for the nomination behind Tom McClintock, Doug Ose, and Suzanne Jones. Terbolizard ended up with 2.3% of the vote or 2,249 votes.

Political positions[edit]

Theodore Terbolizard's political views can be categorized as conservative and Constitutionalist.[2]

The economy[edit]

Terbolizard supports a free-market economy, which he distinguishes from free-trade or fair-trade discussion of the past decade. He believes that American prosperity has come from economic liberty, low-taxes and when government gets out of the way.[2]

The situation in Iraq[edit]

Terbolizard sees nothing in the U.S. Constitution that suggests that the U.S. has the right or obligation to sustain funding and deployment of Armed Forces to fulfill their request (Article I, Section 8, [12]). Terbolizard would vote to end the war in Iraq.[3]


Terbolizard supports a repeal of the 16th Amendment and an end to personal income taxes and less federal spending and avoiding deficit spending.[4]


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