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For other people with the same name, see Theodorick Bland (disambiguation).

Theodorick Bland (February 1663 – November 1700)[1] made a survey in 1693 of the Howson Patent, which is an area corresponding to present day Alexandria, Virginia.[2] He also made a survey for Williamsburg, Virginia in 1699.[3][4][5]

Bland was the oldest son of Theodorick Bland of Westover and Anna Bennett, the daughter of Governor Richard Bennett.[1][6] His brothers were Richard Bland (who had many notable descendants) and John Bland (who was the great-grandfather of Chancellor Theodorick Bland).[1][6] Bland married Margaret Man and had two sons:[1]

  • John Bland (born December 8, 1698); he married Ann West and had at least three children, John, Theodorick, and Mary.[1]
  • Theodorick Bland, who died shortly after his father.[1]

When his father died in 1671, Bland inherited Westover Plantation and joined with his brother, Richard, in its ownership.[7] The brothers eventually conveyed 1,200 acres of the property to William Byrd I in 1688 for 300L and 10,000 pounds of tobacco and cask.[7] Byrd's grandson built a Georgian mansion there in the 1750s.



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