Theodoros Kolokotronis Stadium

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Theodoros Kolokotronis Stadium
Location Tripoli, Greece
Coordinates 37°30′9.12″N 22°23′18.46″E / 37.5025333°N 22.3884611°E / 37.5025333; 22.3884611
Owner Asteras Tripoli
Operator Asteras Tripoli
Capacity 7,616
Surface Grass
Scoreboard Yes
Built 1979
Asteras Tripoli

'Theodoros Kolokotronis Stadium, formerly known as Asteras Tripolis Stadium after the team (Asteras Tripoli F.C.) which resides there, is purpose built football stadium located in Tripoli, Greece. Dating back to 1979, the 7,616 capacity ground primarily hosts football matches of the Greek Super League.


The stadium as we know it today dates back to as recently as 2005 when the new owners of Asteras invested in the playing facilities then known as the Asteras Tripolis Stadium. Originally consisting of just a single dilapidated stand, the stadium has grown in tandem with the club’s 2007 promotion The Superliga – the top flight of Greek Football.

The consolidation of their league place and third place highest ever league finish in 2012/2013 season has allowed the club to invest more money into creating a better match day experience and as a result, success on the pitch has really helped the Kolokotronis become a successful pitch, or stadium.

In 2012 on the 22nd of November the stadium was renamed in honour of Greek War of Independence hero Theodoros Kolokotronis, and fans hope the club continue on its upward trajectory.

Future Developments[edit]

The club have long harboured plans to create an ambitious 13,000 capacity modern day sports complex in the unused land surrounding the stadium, but as of yet progress is slow with the ground still currently just used as a training ground and reserve matches for Asteras Tripoli.

Watching the Game[edit]

The stadium definitely falls under the euphemistic label of “intimate”, and if you forgive the pun, it is very “spartan” in appearance with the ground consisting of four isolated stands of various size. The small nature of the stadium ensures decent views no matter where you sit, and the local supporters of the “yellow and blues” ensure a decent atmosphere and vocal home support.

North Stand – Constructed in 2008, this is the second largest stand with a capacity just over 2000. East Stand – Constructed in 2005 with a capacity just under 2,500 this is the largest stand within the stadium and it houses the club offices, museum, and other key facilities. South Stand – Expanded in 2010, the south stand’s capacity tripled to 1,665 and is now partially used for away fans. West Stand – Constructed after the club first gained promotion to the Superleague in 2007, the stand has a capacity just shy of 1,500 and is home to the press room and media seats.

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