Theodorus I (bishop of Milan)

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Theodorus I
Archbishop of Milan
D5 Teodoro 25m.JPG
Church Catholic Church
Appointed 475 AD
Term ended 490
Predecessor Senator
Successor Lawrence I
Personal details
Died 490
Feast day July 27
Venerated in Eastern Orthodox Church
Catholic Church

Theodorus I (Italian: Teodoro) was Archbishop of Milan from 475 to 490. He is honoured as a saint in the Eastern Orthodox Church and Catholic Church, and his feast day is July 27.[1]


Almost nothing is known about the life and the episcopate of Theodorus.[2] His episcopate was marked with the seizure of power in Italy by the first Barbarian king, Odoacer (476), followed by the invasion of the Ostrogoths of Theodoric the Great in 488-490. According to the writings of Ennodius, bishop of Pavia in the 6th-century, in such difficult times Theodorus demonstrated to be a man of great firmness and wit, a firm leader for the oppressed population of Milan.[3]

Theodorus died in 490, and his remains were interred in the city’s basilica of St. Lorenzo Maggiore.[1] His feast is celebrated on July 27 in such basilica and together all the saint bishops of Milan on 25 September. A late tradition, with no historical basis, associates Theodorus with the family of the Medici.


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