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Theologisk Oratorium (Theological Oratory) is a Lutheran, moderately high church, religious Brotherhood for men in Church of Denmark. It was founded in 1927.

Teologisk Oratorium was founded by theological students of the University of Copenhagen. Thomas Lønborg-Jensen had been in England 1926 and influenced by the life of the ordinands of Anglican Church in Kelham Theological College, managed by Society of the Sacred Mission. In Copenhagen he made initiative for a religious society for theological students, which would combine common liturgical life and pastoral care to studying.[1] This circle of founding brothers included Regin Prenter, Richard Fangel and Dag Monrad Møller. In 1936, parish priest Viggo Lissner made initiative for "priest group" of the Oratory, so that students could continue as members of Theologisk Oratorium after their graduation.

The Oratory is divided into regional conventions, which meet twice a year. The General Convention is held once a year in June. The organisation of the Theologisk Oratorium is simple; there is no Chapter, but only the Leader of the Brotherhood and the Seniors of the regional conventions. Daily office, private confession, Eucharist and reading of theology are important part of the common life of the members. The Oratorium has published many books, e.g. about daily offices and gregorian chant. Today the Oratorium has a student group in University of Aarhus, but not anymore in University of Copenhagen.

Teologisk Oratorium celebrated its 75th anniversary in 2002. Its Leader since 1999 is Steen Skovsgaard, bishop of Lolland–Falster.


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