Theophilus Waldmeier

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Theophilus Waldmeier (1832 in Basel – 1915) was a Swiss Quaker missionary.[1] Married Susan Bell, eldest daughter of John Bell, at Magdala, Ethiopia on 4 December 1859.[1]

Theophilus Waldmeier

He was held prisoner by Ethiopian King Theodore and later released by General Napier's British troops at the siege of Magdala, Ethiopia in 1868.

He went to Beirut with the British Syrian Mission (which was founded in 1860). He started the Friends' Syrian Mission in 1873, founded Brummana High School[2] in 1873 and the Asfuriya Mental Hospital[3] in 1894. In 1874, he traveled to Europe to seek financial backing from the Society of Friends. British and American Quakers provided support for the Brummana School.[4]