A Theory of Everything

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A Theory of Everything
A Theory of Everything.jpg
Author Ken Wilber
Published 2001 (Shambhala)
Pages 189
ISBN 978-1-57062-855-9
This article is about the book by Ken Wilber. See Theory of everything (disambiguation) for other uses.

A Theory of Everything: An Integral Vision for Business, Politics, Science, and Spirituality is a book by Ken Wilber detailing his approach to building a conceptual model of the World that encompasses both its physical and spiritual dimensions. He posits a unified ground-of-everything he calls Spirit.

The book's first four chapters cover the physical and mental development of this unified ground.[1] Then, in the rest of the book, he lays out what he feels are the practical applications of his philosophy to business, education, medicine, ecology, and war.[2] Beliefnet.com says that this book is, "Wilber's shortest, simplest overview of his work."[3]


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