There Goes the Neighborhood (Body Count song)

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"There Goes the Neighborhood"
Single by Body Count
from the album Body Count
B-side "KKK Bitch"[1]
Released 1992
Format 12"[1]
Genre Thrash metal, heavy metal
Label Sire/Warner Bros.
Writer(s) Ice-T
Ernie C.
Producer(s) Ice-T
Ernie C.
Body Count singles chronology
"There Goes the Neighborhood"
"Cop Killer"
Audio sample

"There Goes the Neighborhood" is the twelfth track of Body Count's self-titled debut album. The song is a sarcastic response to critics, sung from the point of view of a racist white rocker who wonders "Don't they know rock's just for whites? / Don't they know the rules? / Those niggers are too hardcore / This shit ain't cool."[2] For the song's music video, the word "nigger" was replaced with the phrase "black boys".[3] The music video, directed by Matt Mahurin, ends with a black musician implanting an electric guitar into the ground and setting it on fire. The final image is similar to that of a burning cross.[4]

The main guitar riff was later sampled in Vaginal Jesus "Beat Rodney Down" and Anal Cunt's "Lenny's in My Neighborhood".

Track listing[edit]

No. Title Length
1. "There Goes The Neighborhood (Radio Edit)" 4:01
2. "There Goes The Neighborhood (Album Version)" 5:50
3. "KKK Bitch (Live)" 3:44
4. "KKK Bitch (Album Version)" 2:53


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