There It Is (film)

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There It Is
Directed by Harold L. Muller
Starring Charles R. Bowers
Kathryn McGuire
Melbourne MacDowell
Buster Brodie
Distributed by Educational Pictures
Release date
  • 1928 (1928)
Running time
19 minutes
Country United States

There It Is is a 1928 silent black-and-white comedy short directed by Harold L. Muller and starring Charles R. Bowers. The plot centers on Charley MacNeesha, a Scotland Yard detective who carries a stop motion-animated bug assistant called MacGregor in a matchbox. The pair travel to New York City to investigate the "Fuzz-Faced Phantom", who causes full-grown chickens to hatch from eggs, pots to float across rooms, and pants to dance of their own volition.[1]

In 2004 the film was named to the National Film Registry by the Librarian of Congress for its "cultural, aesthetic, or historical significance".[1]

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