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Theresa Elizabeth (Chandler) White Weasel Walker Lamebull
Native nameBeeKanHay ("Kills At Night")
BornTheresa Elizabeth Chandler
(1896-04-19)April 19, 1896
Near Hays, Montana
DiedAugust 10, 2007(2007-08-10) (aged 111)
Havre, Montana
Known forLived to be 111, fluent speaker of the Gros Ventre language
Spouse(s)John Walker, d. 1962; Andrew Lamebull
ChildrenTen children with John Walker

Theresa Elizabeth (Chandler) White Weasel Walker Lamebull (April 19, 1896 – August 10, 2007) was reputedly a supercentenarian believed to have been the oldest living member of the Gros Ventre Tribe of Montana and possibly the oldest Native American ever recorded.[1] Her Indian name was "Kills At Night" (BeeKanHay).

Lamebull's family hadn't known exactly how old she was until some time around 2005 when they found a baptismal certificate which may be hers. A priest translated the Latin on the certificate as saying she was a year old when she was baptised in 1897.[2]

Lamebull was a fluent speaker of the Gros Ventre language, spoken by only a handful of other people. She taught the language at Fort Belknap College, and helped develop a dictionary using the Phraselator when she was 109.[3] She was likely Montana's longest-lived teacher since statehood.

The Hays Education Resource Center on the Fort Belknap Reservation was named the 'Kills At Night Center' in her honor and at the naming ceremony Terry Brockie, an A'aninin (Gros Ventres) language teacher sang her a traditional song in the A'aninin language.

She died in August 2007 at the claimed age of 111.[4] A funeral Mass was held at St. Paul's Catholic Gymnasium in Hays, Montana, and she was buried at Mission Cemetery.[5]


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