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Thermidava is located in Albania
Shown within Albania
LocationScodra ?, Albania
Coordinates42°04′N 19°31′E / 42.06°N 19.51°E / 42.06; 19.51Coordinates: 42°04′N 19°31′E / 42.06°N 19.51°E / 42.06; 19.51

Thermidava was an ancient Dacian[1] town in Illyria mentioned by Ptolemy[2] (90-168, C.E.) as an inland town of Dalmatia. It could be located near modern Scodra[3]

Roman Emperor Trajan marched with his troops for Naissus and crossed Thermidava prior to the Roman-Dacian Wars. In the town he was greeted by Dacians.[1] The next town he passed was Ulpiana.


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