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Scientific classification
Domain: Bacteria
Phylum: Chloroflexi
Class: Thermomicrobia
Garrity and & Holt, 2002 emend. Hugenholtz & Stackebrandt, 2004

Thermobaculum terrenum

The Thermomicrobia are a group of thermophilic green non-sulfur bacteria. Until 2004, they were classified as a distinct phylum.[1] It has recently been proposed, on the basis of an analysis of genetic affiliations, that the Thermomicrobia should more properly be reclassified as a class belonging to the phylum chloroflexi. The bacteria Sphaerobacter thermophilus originally described as an Actinobacteria is now considered a Thermomicrobia.[2] [3]


Class Thermomicrobia

♠ Strain found at the National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI) but has no standing with the Bacteriological Code (1990 and subsequent Revision) as detailed by List of Prokaryotic names with Standing in Nomenclature (LPSN) as a result of the following reasons:
• No pure culture isolated or available for Prokayotes.
• Not validly published because the effective publication only documents deposit of the type strain in a single recognized culture collection.
• Not approved and published by the International Journal of Systematic Bacteriology or the International Journal of Systematic and Evolutionary Microbiology (IJSB/IJSEM).


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