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Scientific classification
Domain: Archaea
Kingdom: Crenarchaeota
Phylum: Crenarchaeota
Class: Thermoprotei
Order: Thermoproteales
Zillig & Stetter, 1982
  • Thermoproteales Zillig & Stetter 1982 emend. Burggraf et al. 1997

In taxonomy, the Thermoproteales are an order of the Thermoprotei.[1] They are the only organisms known to lack the SSB proteins, instead possessing the protein ThermoDBP that has displaced them. The rRNA genes of these organisms contain multiple introns, which can be homing endonuclease encoding genes, and their presence can impact the binding of "universal" 16S rRNA primers often used in environmental sequencing surveys.[2]


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Scientific books[edit]

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