These Amazing Shadows

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These Amazing Shadows
TAS Poster view-2 LATER IN THE DAY.jpg
Theatrical Poster by Brian Oakes
Directed by Paul Mariano
Kurt Norton
Produced by Christine O'Malley
Written by Kurt Norton
Paul Mariano
Doug Blush
Starring Christopher Nolan
John Waters
Barbara Kopple
Tim Roth
John Lasseter
Wayne Wang
Julie Dash
Music by Peter Golub
Cinematography Frazer Bradshaw
Edited by Doug Blush
Alex Calleros
Gravitas Docufilms
Distributed by Sundance Selects/IFC
Release dates
  • January 22, 2011 (2011-01-22) (Sundance)
Running time
88 minutes
Country United States
Language English

These Amazing Shadows is a 2011 documentary film which tells the history and importance of the National Film Registry, a roll call of American cinema treasures that reflects the diversity of film, and indeed the American experience itself.

The documentary was directed by Paul Mariano and Kurt Norton and was an official selection of the 2011 Sundance Film Festival in the Documentary Premieres category.

These Amazing Shadows is distributed under the Independent Film Channel (IFC) brand, Sundance Selects, and was broadcast on the American television PBS series, Independent Lens, on December 29, 2011.[1]



These Amazing Shadows was filmed in New York City, San Francisco, California, Culpeper, Virginia, Los Angeles, California and Washington, District of Columbia.[2] Paul Mariano, Kurt Norton and Christine O'Malley are the producers of the documentary.[3]

Graphic design and motion graphics by Brian Oakes of New York City. Oakes was assisted by motion graphics artist Natella Kataev. Brian Oakes directed, JIM: The James Foley Story (2016).

Producer Christine O'Malley (with husband Patrick Creadon) credits include the documentaries Wordplay (2006), I.O.U.S.A. (2008), If You Build It (2014), and All Work No Play (2015).

Cinematographer Frazer Bradshaw director of photography credits include the documentary, Babies and Informant. Bradshaw directed, Everything Strange and New, which was nominated for an 2011 Independent Spirit Awards for Best First Feature and a 2009 Gotham Awards for Breakthrough Director; won the 2009 CineVision Award, 2009 Marlon Riggs Award and 2009 San Francisco International Film Festival FIPRESCI Prize.

Co-editor Doug Blush. His editing credits include the Best Documentary Oscar nominee The Invisible War (2012), Best Documentary Oscar-winning Twenty Feet from Stardom (2013), and The Hunting Ground (2015).

Co-editor Alex Calleros is part owner of the film production company,Finite Films, along with Michael Tucker and Ryan McDuffie. Calleros was the lead editor on the documentary, Being George Clooney (2016).

Color grading by Chris Martin of SpyPost, San Francisco, California.

Post production supervisor by Matt Radecki of Different by Design, Los Angeles, California.

Legal services by Michael C. Donaldson of Donaldson & Callif, Los Angeles, California.

Sound re-recording by Laurence A. Ellis, C.A.S. of MaxPost, Los Angeles, California.

These Amazing Shadows trailer was cut by Stephen Garrett of Kinetic Trailers of New York City.

Production Stills Gallery
Barbara Kopple, director of Harlan County, USA, is interviewed by Paul Mariano. Barbara is the winner of two Oscars for Best Documentary. Harlan County, USA was selected to the National Film Registry in 1990. 
Tim Roth (center), star of Lie to Me, is wired for sound by PA Travis Rexroat while co-director Paul Mariano looks on. 
(right to left) Past Librarian of Congress James H. Billington, Sheryl Cannady, Library of Congress Media Relations and Paul Mariano, co-director of These Amazing Shadows
Patrick Loughney, Chief of the Library of Congress Packard Campus for Audio-Visual Conservation in Culpeper, Virginia is interviewed by These Amazing Shadows co-director Kurt Norton. 

Music [edit]

These Amazing Shadows: Music from the Documentary
Film score by Peter Golub
Released May 10, 2011 (May 10, 2011)
Genre Soundtrack
Length 30:00
Label Lakeshore Records

Peter Golub scored These Amazing Shadows during the fall of 2010. The music was performed by the City of Prague Philharmonic Orchestra (conductor: Richard Hein) and recorded at the Smecky Studios in Prague, Czech Republic. Peter also scored the motion pictures: Countdown to Zero, directed by Lucy Walker; Audrey, directed by Dean Pollack; The Wheeler Boys, directed by Philip Flores; Outrage (2009 film), directed by Kirby Dick; Frozen River, directed by Courtney Hunt; The Great Debaters (co-composed with James Newton Howard), directed by Denzel Washington.

The score was orchestrated by Peter Golub and Philip Klein, edited by Scott Johnson, contracted by Ted Hinkley, recorded by Michael Pekarek and the music preparation was done by Nicholas Greer. Mr. Golub was assisted in Prague by Czech translator, Staniaslave Vomacko.

Track listing[edit]

All tracks written and composed by Peter Golub.

These Amazing Shadows: Music from the Motion Picture
No. Title Length
1. "Main Titles"   2:04
2. "Protecting Our Films"   1:45
3. "Creating the National Film Registry"   0:52
4. "Preserving Our Cultural Heritage"   1:38
5. "Into West Side Story"   0:32
6. "To Kill a Mockingbird Montage"   1:36
7. "These Amazing Shadows"   2:05
8. "The Land of Nitrate"   0:40
9. "Dorothy Opens the Door"   0:40
10. "2001 And Beyond"   0:52
11. "With Every Laugh, A Tear"   1:09
12. "Japanese Internment during WWII"   2:59
13. "The Kennedy Assassination"   0:51
14. "Gender Bias"   0:33
15. "Vision of Women Directors"   1:13
16. "Back to the Future Montage"   0:59
17. "Harlan County Montage"   2:30
18. "Race and Politics"   0:40
19. "The Danger of Cinema"   0:43
20. "Exiles"    
21. "Race Issues"   0:53
22. "The Effect of War"   0:56
23. "Final Montage: The Power of Movies"   4:08

Awards and festivals[edit]

  • Official Selection 2011 Sundance Film Festivall[4]
  • Official Selection 2011 Boulder International Film Festival – February 2011[5]
  • Official Selection 2011 Ashland Independent Film Festival – April 2011[6]
  • Official Documentary Competition 2011 Cleveland International Film Festival – March 2011[7]
  • Official Selection 2011 Newport Beach Film Festival – April 2011[8]
  • Official Selection 2011 Tiburon International Film Festival – April 2011[9]
  • Official Selection 2011 Seattle International Film Festival – May 2011[10]
  • Official Selection 2011 Indianapolis International Film Festival - July 2011[11]
  • Official Selection 2011 RiverRun International Film Festival - April 2011[12]
  • Official Selection 2011 Stony Brook Film Festival - July 2011[13]
  • Official Selection 2011 White Sands International Film Festival - August 2011[14]
  • Official Selection 2011 Aspen Filmfest - September 2011[15]
  • Official Selection 2011 Port Townsend Film Festival - September 2011[16]
  • Official Selection 2011 Harlem International Film Festival - September 2011[17]
  • Official Selection 2011 Louisville's International Festival of Film - October 2011[18]
  • Official Selection 2011 Tacoma Film Festival - October 2011[19]
  • Official Selection 2011 Duke City DocFest - October 2011[20]
  • Official Selection 2011 Heartland Film Festival - November 2011[21]
  • Official Selection 2011 Lucerne International Film Festival - October 2011[22]
  • Official Selection 2011 Savannah Film Festival - October 2011[23]
  • Official Selection 2011 Virginia Film Festival - November 2011[24]
  • Official Selection 2011 Indie Memphis Film Festival - November 2011[25]
  • Official Selection 2011 Prescott Film Festival - November 2011[26]
  • Official Selection 2011 Inverness Film Festival - November 2011[27]
  • Official Selection 2011 St. Louis International Film Festival - November 2011[28]
  • Official Selection 30th International Festival of Films on Art - March 2012[29]
  • Official Selection 2012 Mendocino Film Festival - June 2012[30]
  • CINE Golden Eagle Award - December 2011[31]
  • Best Documentary Savannah Film Festival 2011 - December 2011[32]
  • Best Documentary Louisville's International Festival of Film 2011 - December 2011[33]
  • Official Selection 2012 Transatlantyk - Poznan International Film and Music Festival - August 2012[29]


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