These Animal Men

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These Animal Men
OriginBrighton, England
GenresAlternative rock, Britpop
Years active1989–1998
LabelsLe Disques De Popcor, Hi-Rise Recordings, Virgin, Hut Recordings
Past membersAlexander Boag
Julian Hewings
Patrick Murray
Steve Hussey
Craig Warnock
Rob Hague

These Animal Men were an English band who achieved minor fame in the 1990s as part of the New Wave of New Wave before splitting up after releasing two albums, in 1998.


These Animal Men[edit]

These Animal Men formed in Brighton circa 1990, signing to Hut Records, an offshoot of Virgin Records in 1993. They gained some notoriety with their first few singles, which featured drug references in both the sleeve artwork and the song lyrics.

Their first album (Come on, Join) The High Society, released on 24 September 1994, was described by the music press, notably the NME, as being part of the New Wave of New Wave, (alongside contemporaries S*M*A*S*H with whom they shared their first significant release, "Wheelers, Dealers, Christine Keelers").[citation needed]

This press attention undoubtedly contributed to their initial success (including a spot on Top of the Pops.)

During the previous year they ended up losing their manager. Then came along Joseph Calder but after a three year hiatus, punctuated by only one EP, Taxi for These Animal Men, they returned with their second album on 14 April 1997, Accident & Emergency. Despite reported difficulties encountered during recording, including the firing of Hussey, Accident & Emergency received some critical acclaim, but little commercial success. In 1998, the band broke up.

Post-break up[edit]

Later in 1998, Boag, Hewings, Warnock and Hague formed "Mo Solid Gold" with a new singer, K, (a.k.a. K.A. Hepburn) taking over vocals from Boag and Hewings. The output, a hybrid of the TAM sound and Northern soul, was the 2001 album Brand New Testament released on EMI/Chrysalis records. Singles for the tracks "David's Soul," "Personal Saviour," "Safe from Harm," and the self-titled "Mo Solid Gold" followed, but despite initial good reviews, the group broke up less than a year later.

In 2007, Hewings and Boag formed the band The Orphans with drummer Kev (later replaced by Paul Emons) and producer/keyboardist Tim Howarth. The Orphans released their first album Muff, a blend of glam, punk and garage rock, in 2008 on the Hail Mary label.

The Orphans continued to gig, changed the spelling of their name to "Thee Orphans," and released their second album, Average Kinda Savage. In January 2013 Thee Orphans broke up. A goodbye statement was published on their website:

"Alas Thee Orphans are no more... This is the end Beautiful friend This is the end My only friend, the end Of our elaborate plans, the end Of everything that stands, the end We came, we posed, we ransacked our heroes musical cupboards and hopefully burned bright, but hey, all things must pass and Thee Orphans now bow out and take the final curtain but leave behind Average Kinda Savage and Muff for your delectation. It's been a blast and a big love from Thee Orphans to all those who came, saw, listened and bought us drinks (especially you)."[1]

On 11 September 2015, These Animal Men reunited to play a one-off sold out gig at Heaven in London, alongside S*M*A*S*H, in support of the documentary "Flawed is Beautiful" which covers the career of both bands.



  • (Come on, Join) The High Society (1994) - UK No. 62
  • Accident & Emergency (1997) - UK No. 192

Extended plays[edit]

  • Too Sussed? (1994) - UK No. 39
  • Taxi for These Animal Men (1995) - UK No. 64


  • "Wheelers, Dealers, Christine Keelers" (split release with S*M*A*S*H) (1993)
  • "Speeed King" (1994) - UK No. 95
  • "You're Not My Babylon" (1994) - UK No. 77
  • "This Is the Sound of Youth" (1994) - UK No. 72
  • "Life Support Machine" (1997) - UK No. 62
  • "Light Emitting Electrical Wave" (1997) - UK No. 72



  • Are You Inexperienced? E.P. (1993)

Band members[edit]

  • Alexander Boag - vocals, guitar
  • Julian Hewings (aka Hooligan) - backing vocals, guitar
  • Patrick Murray - bass
  • Steve Hussey (until 1996) - drums
  • Craig Warnock (from 1996) - keyboard
  • Rob Hague (from 1996) - drums


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