These Are My Twisted Words

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"These Are My Twisted Words"
Single by Radiohead
Released 17 August 2009
Format Download
Genre Alternative rock, experimental rock
Length 5:31
Label Self-released
Writer(s) Radiohead
Producer(s) Nigel Godrich
Radiohead singles chronology
"Harry Patch (In Memory Of)"
"These Are My Twisted Words"
"Supercollider" / "The Butcher"

"These Are My Twisted Words" is a song by the English alternative rock band Radiohead. It was leaked on 12 August 2009, possibly by the band, and officially released on 17 August as a free download from the Radiohead website.


Matthew Schnipper of The Fader described "These Are My Twisted Words" as a "simple song" with "a plodding, stubborn forward spirit".[1] It opens with a motorik beat[2] from drummer Phil Selway before Thom Yorke's vocal enters.[1] Daniel Kreps of Rolling Stone noted a krautrock influence, likening the song to the In Rainbows track "Weird Fishes/Arpeggi".[3]


On 12 August 2009, the song was leaked via BitTorrent.[4] A text file included in the torrent file contained ASCII art, a cryptic poem and a reference to a release date of 17 August.[5] Commentators including The Guardian and Rolling Stone speculated that Radiohead leaked the song themselves following the unconventional self-release of their album In Rainbows (2007).[4][3]

On 17 August, guitarist Jonny Greenwood announced on Radiohead's blog that "These Are My Twisted Words" was available as a free download from the Radiohead site or a torrent hosted by Mininova.[6] The download included artwork by Stanley Donwood and Yorke to be printed on tracing paper and put "in an order that pleases you."[6]

Critical reception[edit]

Brian Parks of PopMatters gave "These Are My Twisted Words" seven out of ten, describing it as "the most recent in a long line of unconventionally beautiful songs for which Radiohead is renowned."[7] However, Ryan Dombal of Pitchfork Media found its "nauseous guitars" and "vaguely whiny lyrics almost read as parody" and concluded that the song "isn't as enticing as its method of distribution".[2]


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