These Ones Are Bitter

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These Ones Are Bitter
Studio album by Ben Weasel
Released June 2007

January-March 2007 at SOMD, Beltsville, Maryland, Smart Studios, Madison, Wisconsin,

Genre Punk rock, Pop punk
Label Mendota Recording Company
Producer Mike Kennerty
Ben Weasel chronology
These Ones Are Bitter

These Ones Are Bitter is the second solo-album by Screeching Weasel front man Ben Weasel.

The album also features musicians Dan Andriano (of Alkaline Trio), Mike Kennerty, and Chris Gaylor (both of the All-American Rejects).[1] Kennerty is also the album's producer.[2]

It was released in June 2007, and was the first album released for "Mendota Recording Company", Ben Weasel's new digital download only record label.

Track listing[edit]

  1. "Let Freedom Ring"
  2. "In A Few Days"
  3. "Got My Number"
  4. "Happy Saturday"
  5. "Sour All Over"
  6. "The First Day of Spring"
  7. "Blue Is The Ocean"
  8. "Affected By You"
  9. "Jeanette"
  10. "Addition By Subtraction"
  11. "Give It Time"
  12. "Summer's Always Gone Too Soon"
  13. "In A Bad Place"
  14. "Only In November"