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Origin Victoria, British Columbia, Canada
Genres Alternative rock, hard rock, post grunge, Alternative Metal, Pop-Punk
Years active 2004–2014
Labels WAX Records
Members Martin MacPhail
Dean Rode
Tristan Tarr
Casey Benson
B Skywalker
Past members Jory MacKay (2004–2010)
Elliot Carter (2004–2010)

Theset (pronounced "The Set") is a Canadian hard rock band hailing from Victoria, British Columbia, Canada, formed in 2004.


The band originally formed with the intention of playing only one set, so they wrote a full set of songs. They adopted the name 'Theset' for this reason. The band members originally included Kyle Dark (guitar), Jory MacKay (guitar), Dean Rode (bass guitar), and Tristan Tarr (drums). Dark asked Martin MacPhail (singer) to sing for the band's set, and he did. When Dark left the country, he was quickly replaced by Elliot Carter (guitar), who had previously played in local band "Lythic Blue" with MacPhail.

Theset released their debut album, The Philosophy of Time Travel in 2005. It was produced by Adam Sutherland. They have toured western Canada since its release.[citation needed]

The band released their second album, Neveroddoreven, in September 2008. They played 2 dates at the Calgary and Vancouver Warped Tour on the Kia Kevin Says Stage.[citation needed]

In September 2010, the band released their 3rd record, Monsters. It was produced by Julius Butty and released by WAX Records.

In 2012 their song "Never Odd Or Even", from the self titled album, was used in the credits of the horror movies Grave Encounters 2 (2012) and Curse of Chucky (2013).




  • "12:34"
  • "The Philosophy of Time Travel"
  • "All We Have (Is This)"
  • "Survive"
  • "Echohead"
  • "Already Know"
  • "Never Odd or Even"

Music videos[edit]

  • "12:34"
  • "Survive"
  • "Echohead"


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